Tim Russ talks to Dreamwatch


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Sep 30, 2000
`Tuvok` talks about the future of Trek
Author: AntonyF
Date: 11/11/00

The October 2000 issue of DreamWatch contains an interview with Tim Russ, TrekWeb is reporting. In it he talks about the future of the franchise, amongst other things. ""Absolutely" says Russ, who would like the franchise to pause and gain its breath. "The producers feel exactly the same way. They`d like to take a nice, long stretch - maybe two years - off from Trek. That would be the smart thing to do I think, Paramount... well, they love to make money and will not be taking that big a break. They are going to try and do something as soon as they can. Conceptually, I would push the base of the [new] show into a area of space that hasn`t been explored but do it in a different way than Voyager. There would be new experiences with new phenomena. That`s what I would do".
Good answer on Mr. Russ' part. I'm not sure if anyone is really tired of the Star Trek franchise, but a break may be a good way to overcome that.

i think they need something radically different. How about the time ship although i think that would be a little too confusing as a whole series. What about voyager but stuck in time.. hehe... or star trek with the bad good guys that infect the dominion in ds9.

I wonder if they will go forward far in time in the next series.