Season 3 Videos ?


Jul 22, 2000
Any of you happy Gate Bunnies out there have any information pertaning to the UK release dates for season 3 of SG-1.


I don't know for the UK but in Australia they're meant to be comming out when the BOBW happens in February!

hopefully soon anyway.....

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are there doqnloadabel vidz @normal qualoty and size to vie ?

if yes plz post the URL ...

thank ya' ...
They've only got the first part of the third season available, though. Videos are currently listed as being available on 29 January, while DVDs will be available by 19 February. You can get a 20% discount if you pre-order. Here are links directly to the product pages available so far:

  • Into the Fire / Seth -- video or DVD
  • Fair Game / Legacy -- video or DVD
  • Learning Curve / Point of View -- video or DVD
  • Dead Man Switch / Demons -- video or DVD

Now to find out if the videos will be released in North America any time soon..!

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Originally posted by GateGuide
They've only got the first part of the third season available, though.

That's whats ment by the words <i><b>the <u>first</u> season 3 episodes</b></i>
Well, Martouf, what protocol is the standard in Australia? (I have absolutely no idea which one it is...) If it's PAL video and/or Region 2 DVD, then you can order from Blackstar with no problems. They have free global shipping, so you won't have to cough up an arm, leg, and kidney.

I don't know what the exchange rate is like, though. That might be the killer.

I don't know of any online stores based out of Australia, otherwise I'd offer links to that/those sites, too. (There might be some, but I don't know of them. Sorry!)
Well you can always check the exchange rates on Yahoo:

They are fairly recent.

And when I checked it would cost you 24.03 Australian Dollars to buy the first tape of season three (two episodes)
well i might think about ordering them, PAL and region 4 (i think) is Australian

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