Sci Fi Trivia!

The question now arises of who is to ask a question - me or Dwndrgn? I'm nice, so you can, but beware the dark madness that comes from ill-contemplated acceptance of a gift of the shadow-lord of...EVIL KITTIES!!!!! (cue Wagner, smoke and pyrotechnics).

I have far too much free time.
I can't remember the written story in which it happened, but on film he was crucified in The Barbarian;)
Whoops! That that is a most insulting mistake!! Indeed, it was the Barbarian - how could I have mistaken it for the trashy followup? :rolleyes:

I guess you get to have another go, as you answered yourself. :)
Crap! I just got home to my Conan supply and was about to post the answer, and I find we gave up...ho hum:)
Name the Vala with the horn who acted as a huntsman of darkness and rode a shiny horse.
To my knowledge, there was only one author who wrote of Valar, and so I am referring to the Silmarillion. Sorry.
Um, okay then...
Name the dolphin-thing that rides on a person and is too smart for its own good in Broan Aldiss's "Hot House" (Species or personal name. Either is acceptable).
Starts with an S and has two syllables. Second part is "Ye", and one of the catchy-carry kind. If you don't get it then feel free to ask one, as all my questions go bunk.
Nope, no help at all. Someone else might get it so I'll hold off on posting another question just yet. It is probably because I've never read any of Brian Aldiss' works.

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