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Fierce Vowelless One
Apr 25, 2003
Help! I'm stuck in the forums!

The SF Site has a yearly 'contest' where individual readers send in their recommendations of the best books of 2003 in the genre. I don't think I've even read 10 books that were put out in 2003 (they'll include any reprints and such) but you can also vote for less than ten. This is where my old list of what I have read during the year might have come in handy. I just didn't keep a list - maybe I've gotten too lazy in my old age!

So, if you are interested in having your vote count on their list, visit the link above for the info on where to email your votes, what types of books should be counted and whatnot. I've read a whole lot of older books this past year, so I'm not really a good judge of what were the best of the ones published (or reprinted) last year. I suppose I'll keep my meager opinion out of it so as not to skew anything.

They also have links to past year's lists so you can see what books have made the list before and possibly find some new books/authors to read. When I checked out last year's list I'd only read one of them and heard of three of the authors. Boy am I out of the loop!
That sounds interesting, thanks for the link. Personally, I think I read at least three, maybe four of the books that were released in 2003. There's such a wealth of older publications in the genre to catch up with, I don't feel overly bad about being behind the curve. Authors like Cordwainer Smith or Jack Vance , to pick out two example of older writers I've discovered in the last year or so, are as fresh and fascinating to discover as they ever were.
Well, it looks like I've got some reading to do...
I know that you've mentioned (or at least someone has) the #1 book (The Light Ages for those who haven't checked out the link knivesout provided) here on the site as I've listed it on my 'To Read' list - so that will probably move to the top of the list for next book to read (if available! - my library is extremely arbitrary (at least it seems so to me) in choosing books for it's shelves). My 'To Read' list is very long now. The main reason is that I have to keep a lot of them on as I haven't found copies of them available at the library or second-hand shops.

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