Foundation Trilogy by Benford, Baxter and Brin? (Isaac Asimov)


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Jul 21, 2000
So who has read any of these. I started the benford book but I must say he is a little bit boring. I am going to give it another go at some point (probably have to start again) and hope it gets better, mainly because i know the other two authors will be better books. Anybody else read them?
I have read all three. The authors try to emulate Asimov's style, some more successfully than others, but none can capture the scope of the original. The separate themes of empire and of robots that were Asimovs trademarks and which he combined at the end of the followup foundation books are prominent in these three books.
I think worth the time if you are a fan of the Foundation Universe.

By the way, It was Benford who wrote Foundation's Fear. Brin who wrote Foundation's Triumph and Bear, not Baxter, who wrote Foundation and Chaos
The idea of Chaos as a disease (which was one of the underlying themes of this trilogy) is interesting. It was introduced, I think, to give Hari Seldon a plausible reason to decide on the need for a Second Foundation, and ultimately on R. Daneel Olivaw's plan for Gaia and Galactica.
I just loved Foundation's Triumph - Foundation and Chaos was okay - I really didn't like Foundation's Fear

I found the Second Foundation Trilogy showed how much literature/TV or whatever could really write around Asimov's Foundation universe in a way I feel can't be done with other writer's writing or movie canon universes.....

Because Asimov wrote so little in terms of detail within his Trantor many more books could be published exploring the random times in the 1,000 years of Terminus or the years after Giskard/Daneel's radioactive efforts on Earth = like some Settler times or some of Daneel's formation of the First Empire (since Asimov hadn't linked his Daneel to Foundation or Empire times yet) much to explore...

((Haven't read any of the post Asimov Robot books...Do they explore this..or is it really just right after Susan Calvin stuff which I find interesting....but not as interesting as all post Giskard/Zeroth law stuff))

I feel the lack of detail Asimov put in the Foundation universe and his emphasis on the dialogue, interpersonal antics of his characters stands in contrast to....say Star Wars or to extent Star Trek (I know I'm using mainstream-TV/movie, examples for a Sci Fi forum)....

I know people might disagree, but Star Wars for me is mainly the story of Luke Skywalker...or the Skywalkers - - introducing others and telling their stories can be somewhat interesting but if you take away the main character, I don't really care...

But Asimov's universe is not dependent on any character. I find Olivaw, Seldon, Baley or Salvor Hardin very interesting but a fictional story could be told about whoever in 350/400 F.E. by any random author and I think I'd pick it up

And outside of the Second Foundation authors, who in a way just wrote published fanfic, I just wish there were more of that - hordes of works and authors exploring that universe....

Like the hordes of Star Wars EU novels...I wonder if the reason there is not, is more due to a lack of popular interest or the Asimov estate?

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