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Jul 21, 2000
So what is she all about? Seems to me to be more of a scientist type than a captain. Still she is not going to be happy taking orders from Dylan is she, going to be intersting to see how this progresses.
Probably with a crew that small, one has to take on more than one hat.

It probably will be tough on her to be 2nd in command, but I think she'll do it fine. Arguments will ensue (I hope), but I think that's what makes a good crew. I don't think that a successful Captain needs just a bunch of people who are going to follow their every order regardless. Well kind of. What I mean is that Dylan is going to need people around him that will question so that he can cement his ideas in his own head. He's going to have to learn that he can't go off head strong, he's going to need to learn about the here and now and the only way that is going to happen is by the crew questioning/arguing with him sometimes.

I think he got real lucky with the crew of the Maru being the ones that found him. They all seem pretty 'good and honest' for the most part. ;)

True but i think there will be more of a hierachy of leadership than in something like Farscape where no one is leader in any sense of the word. It is sort of a split between star trek (and stargate) and farscape, somewhere in the middle.
Some of this comes out in the third ep and I think if they continue on with this, it will make for an agreeable outcome. Dylan is the expert on the Andromeda and the Commonwealth - Bekka is the expert on the here and now. Basically on equal footing. Dylan is also military trained and so on missions requiring that sort of leadership, Dylan takes the lead.

Each of the other crew have their own specialities that are joined in with working aboard the Andromeda with Dylan the actual 'leader' of the group but everyone else stepping in when what is being done has bearing on their particular specialty.

Of course this all may fall apart with the 4th ep. The previews sounded more than a little interesting.

You are a little ahead of us. The 3rd ep shows today in the UK. I will probably get it on Friday along with Wednesday's stargate episode, popular the show and harry enfields brand spankig new show. All in all a good 4 hour tape!

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