Sorry, dwndrgn - I had to edit out sffworld - used to post on the form there, but after 300 posts I asked for reviews for alternative-worlds, and was censored on the grounds that I was promoting a rival! Also - there were reports in their feedback form that the home URL was, or still is, installing adware/spyware on user machines. I therefore don;t rate the place very highly at all.

As for the original request for SFF news - I can assure you that you are about to see one here - I'm still in the process of setting up - which will deliver this exactly. :)

I'm also going to set up a new board here where people can suggest news they've heard of, that I can explore further and bring in-depth reports on (or, in fact, other members - should they wish). :)

I expect to be fully finished by about February 13th/14th. :)
No problem - I understand completely. I just listed the first few searches that came up on Google without really checking them out, so I apologize for making you edit me :p.

Oh and the news thing sounds great! I usually hear everything way late in the game so I probably wouldn't be too much help (unless I actually got off of my large buns and did some research myself!) but whatever I can do, just let me know. In the past couple of days I've actually posted some rumors and such that I figured might be interesting to the members here and I suppose that type of stuff would do well in it's own little spot in the forum.
No problem - and apologies if it seemed invasive.

Hopefully Google will soon list the new section of the chronicles-network for news as well - when it's launhed. :)

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