First Prime of ASciFi
Jul 21, 2000
I have got to admit that the costuming department needs a shot in the arm. There didn't seem to be any shortage of cleavage for the female character of Andromeda, but when it came to creating a costume that would fit KS it's like they pulled stuff out of storage from some 70s shows and put them on him regardless of who wore them last or what size he was.

I sincerely hope there are some future design changes in store because this was one area of the show that I think does need improvement.


Really well I havent seen all that much to go on only the small snippets from the offical site and such but I kinda liked Kevin in the dark outfit.I'll have to wait until I get my videos before I can say much more ...:)

I hope they do have lots of costume changes would be nice to add variety

However I dont like Rommies pants...lmao or lack of depending on who you talk to.
Well as someone else posted somewhere, it reminds me of Michael Jackson. ;)

As much as I like leather, for some reason I really can't see it being made into really comfortable or manageable clothing except as jackets or coats. And I, for one, have always imagined clothing in the future to be made from very resilliant, comfortable, environment-safe type of materials. Leather can be incredibly hot and restrictive especially considering you're clothing people who are military. Just my $.02

Leather or not?

Hmmm I dont think his costume is leather I think its some kind of spandex maybe but it does remind me of drum majorette ....LOL...still I like it ..:)

I do know he cant wear his boxers under it so he has to wear a thong

Now if ya wanna see leather

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