Andromeda Merchandise


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Sep 30, 2000
Ok passing this on I will keep you posted


Greetings, everyone!

Starting this Friday, you'll be able to purchase official Andromeda
merchandise at the all-new Andromeda Store! Lots of exciting items will be
added to the roster of cool products that are already available at the E:FC
Store (at As soon as I get the go-ahead to
announce the Andromeda store's URL and any other pertinent information,

Erika Wiggins
Internet Producer/Online Community Host
cool :) got merchandise out already. Got to be a good thing.
Here's another one:


Remember that the exciting world premiere of "Gene Roddenberry's
Andromeda" and the season four debut of "Gene Roddenberry's Earth:
Final Conflict" will be broadcast this weekend. Enjoy!

After you watch the premiere, stop by the new Andromeda Store for all kinds
of Andromeda merchandise.

Click below to be taken directly there:

Or, visit and click on Andromeda Store.

Stop back in the next week for press kits, (there are only a few, so
don't miss out!) photo CDs and folders. Finally, we'll be adding an auction
for a signed, numbered Andromeda lithograph.

Jen Lesick
Internet Producer
Gene Roddenberry's Andromeda
Aw just cuz when it showed up in my email, it was probably the middle of the night down under. ;)

No worries mate...:)

LOL we seem to be following eachother around the board
Happens a lot around here. It's usually me and padders running around and replying to each others messages. ;)


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