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Jul 21, 2000
Welcome to Andromeda forums.

This is a brand new show that we are all looking forward to. It starts in the next couple of weeks both in the US and the UK.
New Show!

I am still trying to figure out when it will air here in the United States. It caught my eye (especially since Kevin Sarbo is in it). I really liked him as Hercules and I loved Star Trek (all of them), mix them up with sci-fi and hopefully it will be a good show. Have any clue when the premier is in the U.S.?
Here's the schedule for my area: Tennessee.

It looks like they are showing it twice a week.

October 8th and 15th is when the premiere episode is on WGN.
Then it takes off showing it every Saturday and Sunday.

Want go find out in your area try Set up a personal search and they'll even mail you with reminders the day before it airs.

Twice a week, that better be a repeat. Not having you getting dobutle ahead of us again!
Yes, it's a repeat. Funny thing is that the one shown on Saturday is the repeat of the one shown on the previous Sunday. Hey at least this way if I miss one, I get a second chance to see it that same week.

i wish they did that on more shows in the uk. Would be a really good idea! :)
A Little Background

Approximately 3,000 years in the future a massive war breaks out in the universe between the Commonwealth, which governs three galaxies, and the Magog. During a surpise attack by the Neitzscheans, a genetically altered sub-species of human, the Andromeda Ascendant, the 10th cruiser of the Glorious Heritage heavy cruise line, was thrown near a black hole. As the ship approaches the event horizon of the singularity, the artificial gravity generators interact with the event horizon intensifying the normal time dilation. The crew and ship enter suspended animation inside the black hole.

300 years later the salvage vessel Eureka Maru finds the Andromeda and reanimates Captain Dylan Hunt, the commander of the Andromeda. Completely devastated by the news that 300 years has past and that everyone he knew is dead and that the Commonwealth has been lost, he takes it upon himself to once again unite the many cultures of the known worlds.

Captain Dylan Hunt (Kevin Sorbo) is joined by the commander of the salvage vessel that found the Andromeda, Beka Valentine (Lisa Ryder), Tyr Anazasi (Keith Hamilton Cobb), Andromeda (Lexa Doig), Trance Gemini (Laura Bertram), Seamus Harper (Gordon Michael Woolvett), and Rev Bem (Brent Stait).

Andromeda is a Gene Roddenbery production.

Thanks MythingLink

I'm in Kentucky and I even subscribe to the tvguide, you'd think I would have been able to pick up the info in there. Well what's the saying "dumb blondes". lol. I've made a note on my refrigerator calendar so I won't miss the first eppy. Thanks again. Oh and just as an after thought, I'm from Tennessee myself. Miss it down there.
Well I'm waiting anxiously for the new season to start and to see Andromeda. It does sound pretty interesting and it also sounds like they've got a lot of background built up already to work from. I'll try to keep you informed as more news pops up.

Tennessee is great. Where we're at somewhat reminds me of home except that it doesn't have mountains surrounding us with a desert encroaching from the east. <G>