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Jul 21, 2000
Well got a little add on Sky One today to say that they are starting a new show.. andromeda. This is the brand new one from (supposodly) Gene Roddenbery.

Well anyway, i can't remember the data it starts but it is either october or september. Anyone know when it is starting in the US or has it already started.

I guess talkandromeda is going to come along...
Hi padders,

Ah, I've spent a little time on the
Andromeda boards lately--not an expert on the show,
but from what I've seen it looks interesting.
Don't know if it'll be as good as SG1--
there's a really good board at
there are lots of others, but this is the one I go to the
most under the handle "Perpugilliam". The "official"
board is on Delphi, but if you're going to
have one here; well, I'll just stay put.

I don't remember the URL's at this time (bad, bad

It's supposed to start the week of Oct. 7th--here on Sat the 7th--other places earlier in the week.
I'll give it a try--been waiting a long time for a new
Kevin Sorbo show. (old HTLJ fan here)

where's here for you? are you UK?

Sky One's adverts just said 9th October, got it this time.

I am looking forward to it. If the program is good i will make a website for it as well as the discussion forums, wanted to make a decent fan website but by the time i see the show there are normally so many good ones.

Well, got just in case. :)

Looking forward till it starting.

realized after I replied, you had no idea where
I am --sorry! Had to leave and run errands.

US -- Houston, Texas.
Here are the URL's--

I'm not as there as much as I was; hopefully will change after it starts. The "official" chat room and board are
at andromedatv--click the boards link or the chat --
depends what you want--I hope the fans can get some chat going when it debuts.

Talk later,

Those forums are not that great, delphi i especially dislike their system.

Wow, i can't believe the UK are going to get it at the same time as you US people.

Setting up the forum now!
It'll be interesting to see how they go with it and how KS does with the job of not playing a real goody-two shoes. <G>

Waiting to see what he looks like sans hair and with the muscles toned down a bit.

and how he deals with techno babble as well. It is going to be weird seeing him in this though... i will expect just to suddenly pick someone up and throw them through a window or something!

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