4.13: The Curse


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Jul 21, 2000
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Tell you what, I liked this episode. It seems they've followed a pattern for the last few episodes where they are actually pairing our team up: Jack and Teal'c, Sam and Daniel.

This episode highlighted Daniel and IMHO, I think it shows that Daniel has really grown into his shoes concerning his responsibility to the SGC and the secrets that they are guarding. It takes a person really confident in his own self worth and his contributions to not use the old 'I told you so' routine when he's vindicated.

I really like the Daniel of the 4th season. He's really grown up from the man who was lost in Children of the Gods. Makes me think that the old adage 'what doesn't kill us makes us stronger' really is true in his case.

I wonder if Jack will find out that the 'project' that Carter wanted to work on involved a motorcycle and I really wonder what everyone thought when she wheeled that baby into the SGC. <G> Carter, the biker chick. Somehow I can see that.

I really would like to hear Teal'c's reasoning for his interest in those 'rag' mags and I wonder if Jack is buying them for him or did Teal'c get subscriptions for them. Can you picture it. In the mailbag for a top secret government installation there are National Inquirers addressed to Teal'c. The mailroom personnel must have fun if that's the case. <BG>

Just to top off the whole thing, I really liked that we get another Goa'uld System Lord to worry about. We were kind of running out of them and some that we've seen in the past haven't made appearances in a while. I think this one is going to make a nice addition to the storylines.

The T-Man looked great in shorts! I thought they would give him a rest after haveing gone into space Last week. This week he is tortured by Jack and Misquitoes (Loved him asking Daniel if he really needed him back at the SGC and Jack's reactions). And Next week he gets tortured by Apothis. As the week after is a hiatus, can he be handled by me?
I loved this one!

But what is it with Daniel and his woman??? Somehow they always end up being a Goa'uld!!
Guess you're better off not dating him! :D
Daniel really seems to have more trouble with women that any man I have known. Most seem to end up like the red shirts on Star Trek the beginning series. Dead or gone.
Poor daniel. Those writers are really harsh on him. He never gets to fall in love. At least we have a new Goa'uld to love like we all did Hathor. I miss her. =-( hehe. I wish we would have gotten Osiris ( or was it Isis) you know the female version, of the two. I just don't like having a male type of Goa'uld in a woman's body yelling "WHERE IS MY QUEEN" hehe
Tis a bit of a mind blower. Can just see RDA, MG and the rest cackling over that! Goa'uld's don't seem to care about the sex of the host unless there is a harcesis involved.
Can't you see the PTB sitting around chuckling over the fact that Osiris is now in a female body. Gender bender for sure! I don't think the Goa'uld's care which sex a host is unless these is a harcesis involved.
The Powers That Be. Writers, producers, directors etc and RDA...Alll the finance and whatever people that have control over the show. Have a headache and took meds so am more than woozie!
I loved this episode! I loved: having some long-awaiting Jack/Daniel interaction (even if it was only in the very beginning), seeing Michael Shanks/Daniel in a suit (yum), learning more about Daniel's past, seeing Janet go on an actual mission, seeing Teal'c fishing. It is nice to see Daniel so confident and loyal to the SGC - he has truly grown so much over the years. I, too, wish he would be spared some heartbreak for a change. It's so sad that he seems to lose those that he loves.
Daniel always seems to lose so much. Am thinking he must feel as if he is the one that is Cursed. Yes, he does seem to be stronger and loyal to the SGC as well as his team. That is why I think that the writers feel freer to explore actors outside of the team seeting. I liked that about the episodes lately. They do team stories and more individual ones(100 Days, Shades of Grey, the Curse, a little in Tangent and Crossroads). If they are as good as this one, hope they keep doing that!

Would like an episode where Daniel doesn't loose everyone. Wonder what Kassuf and Ska'ara and Nick are doing? Seem to be the only people Daniel didn't loose! They haven't done much with Cassie lately

Spoilers for Season 4






and will show the Harcesis child later this year. Hope he doesn't lose Sha'ri's baby...but...





Daniel does not seem to have good luck in relationships, esp. the ones outside of the SGC.
I like this ep. in the fact that it sorta goes back to Daniels roots,so to speak. With all the missions through the Stargate its easy to forget his beginnings as an Egyptologist spouting theories that were/are rejected by the establishment.

Real bummer about the woman from Danny's past getting taken by Osiris. Liked the character even if its a bit stereo-type...Beautiful daughter of British Egyptologist who follows father into same field of research who himself was cut down by ancient mummy's curse. Theres gotta be some tongue in cheek from the writers in this ep.
Daniel does seem to have bad luck when it comes to women, doesn't he? <G>

Wonder why they used the name Sarah, too.

It could actually be just a little worse: Daniel spends his time picking out strong women who ended up with power instead of Daniel . . . interesting . . . of course, they do have to live with a snake.
You know I'd think twice before becomming involved with Daniel in any way. Not that that would ever happen. ;)

Oh not me, I would jump into a relationship with Daniel any old time without a thought. Granted it's risky, but I'm sure it would be worth it!
Sha'ri was taken by a goa'uld,Amonnet, Sarah was taken by a goa'uld, Isis. Shyla got Daniel addicted to the sarcophagus, Melosha was sick when she and Daniel..., and Kira turned out to be the destroyer of worlds and a mass murderer.... I'd run like anything as far away as possible!
Poor Daniel! A widower, who's grandpa (his only living relative) is with Quetzalcoatl, his wife's son is the harcesis child and with Oma Desala, .. This man has serious complications with his life because of the stargate!
He is a total DANGER ZONE For Women Mostly!

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