4.12: Tangent

hehe, that weas cute, i like the jacob is that u??
lol he looks so cute and helpless....awwwwwww
Yeah, that was cute, and when Sam was saying ' Do you trust me sir ? ' and he was like ' sure'.
He was really funny
Tangent --

ah - Major Davis - love Major Davis - he was awesome in this ep!

i like this ep a lot --- love the "WOOHOO!" at the beginning from Jack - made Major D laugh --

and the emotion all the characters show as they're trying to figure out a way to get Jack and Teal'c back --

and ya know -- it's kinda nice when one of Sam's ideas doesn't work - makes her more human -- kinda like a 'MacGyverism' that doesn't quite go as planned -- you get that 'oh, so s/he's not really the 'super' person we always believed/thought s/he was? Cool!' --
I really loved this episode, the plot was so funny yet so sad at the same time. There were some great lines, these are a few of my favourites:

New General guy(don't know his name): In all seriousness... if that's alright with you, Colonel?

Jack: Woohoo!
Everybody stares at him.
Jack: Sorry Sir, I just couldn't help but get caught up in Teal'c's enthusiasm.

Jack: Is that what I think it is?
Teal'c: If you think it is Earth... yes.
Jack: It's shrinking!
Teal'c: It's size remains constant. We are moving away at an increased velocity.

Jack: Hey Jacob... do you know your ship's bigger than ours?

I loved the whole scene at the end when Jack has just woken up, it was hilarious. If that is what Jack's like when he's drunk, I say bring on the booze! :rolly2:
Jack Drunk

Hi, I'm John Wells and am new to this forum.

I think the end of this episode was really great. Especially when Jack throws a pen at Teal'c to wake him up!

I think it was really cool when the Teltak maneuvered over the glider and then ringed up Jack and Teal'c.:D
Hi jwells, welcome to the forum! I haven't been posting here very long, but everyone's really nice, and they don't mind if you ask stupid questions!
And I agree about Jack throwing a pen at Teal'c, that was hilarious! :rolly2:
I dunno, I'm still mifft because I got unjustly yelled at a little while ago over in another forum. Anyhoo, loved the pen throwing. Really love when they get ringed aboard Jacobs ship & the both fall over, thud! :laugh2: I quite liked the ep. better than many of the Season 5 & 6 eps.

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