4.11: Point of No Return


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RangerOne should like this one. Nobody repents their evil ways and SG-1 does not save another alien civilization from enemies.

Amusing story. Some good lines. Left some questions in my mind.
1.So what will they do with the guy now that he has no place to go?

2.do you think SGC will salvage the planet for technology or will the guy become king of that world as the sole inheritor (the other four obviously are not going to come out to claim their share).

Kinda lets SGC know the price of failure if they go up against the Goa'uld in open warfare considering that world was more advanced.
Smiling big time with Teal'c and the Magic Fingers thing and then when he is reading that rag while guarding Martin. Seems they are pairing up Jack and Teal'c more and more especially with next week's episode. It's kind of nice to see.

Daniel is getting a really smart mouth on him isn't he? He was either that way all along or Jack is rubbing off on him. <G> But he can disassemble pretty well, too. He's learning the ropes of working with classified material.

And Carter, I didn't really notice last week, cut her hair. It looks much better.

Yeah, AT had to cut her hair...Air Force...

I liked the episode, it was like SG-1 goes X-Files :D

Good to see them in 'normal' clothes and not off world for a change, too.
A fun episode with a sad ending.

You had to feel bad for the nerdy guy who wanted to get home and then when they did find it,it was too late.

Alot of good lines and scenes in this episode.

Teal'c holding out his hand next to Jack as he watchs the TV screen mesmerized by the movie "The Day the Earth stood still" (funny in that with what his character has experienced that this movie could still hook him). Then Jack reaching into his pocket (still watching TV) and hands Teal'c a handful of change (why?,I wondered at this point). The humor as Teal'c then walks over and puts more quarters in the vibro-bed (Humorous in that a Stoic warrior would be so taken by a cheap relaxation device).

The intergation scene with Sam and Danny was just one smart remark after another as they evaded telling the captors anything (Had me laughing through the whole scene).

Loved the Rainbow 6 style scene at the warehouse,very cool.
I enjoyed this episode. Marty was sweet and you couldn't help but feel sorry for him. I loved the scene with Teal'c in the motel room on the vibrating bed. It was hysterical. I can't remember Christopher Judge having a scene where he grins so widely. I also thought Daniel and Sam were adorable in playing dumb when answering the aliens interrogation. But where is Marty now?
This episode was so funny. That part with Teal'c was the greatest. hehe haha
I have one question. What happend with the other aliens. Did they just disappear somewhere on Earth or did they appear in some other episode? And where is Marty? It is the last S4 ep. I've seen.
Dr. Tanner and the other aliens have "disappeared" back in Earth society, starting new lives for themselves. As for what happened to Marty - well, you can be sure he's being used as an off-world consultant. But for more on Marty, you'll have to wait until season 5.
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Thank you for telling us about Marty. I felt sorry for him as I had friends that went to Canada during Viet Nam and some began life anew some didn't, though. I wondered about him and am very glad he will return in Season 5. When the spaceship blew up were there people around studing it since it had been found by the government types?

Hey, what happened to Nyan, the young archaeologist from "New Ground"? Did he get disappeared by NID goons or what? would like to know the answer to that... AND where did Jack get the potter's wheel, clay and such at the SGC and Where did the Bicycle come from in that episode also (Window of Opportunity)!

First we welcome you NOW we grill you!
This is one of the things I do like best about this show -- the way they follow through with their little story arcs. It makes it so much more interesting because even in a 45 minute episode, we'll get an attachment to the 'guest character' and want to see more of them.

My wish list would include Aris Boch. I'd love to see him and Jack spar some more. ;)

The *Other* Aliens

I think the remaining four aliens will show again. Thay make a nice little plot device to slip in somewhere along the line. Since they were deserters, who knows... they might discover a warm home with NID or some other organization.

And Marty? The SGC is a big place. He may end up there, but... more likely ... in the equivlant of the 'Witness Protection' program somewhere. He's already proven he can live 'under cover'.

Food for thought ... and fan fics...
Originally posted by MythingLink
My wish list would include Aris Boch. I'd love to see him and Jack spar some more. ;)

Me too. :)
I'd also like to see the clones of SG-1, Laira and Furlings. Maybe in season 5? ;)
point of no return

my favourite bit was teal'c
and the vibrating bed, his grin
was priceless. i also would like
to see more of aris boch too, he
was great..peachy
I enjoyed this episode, it was really funny and had some great lines. It also made a refreshing change to have an episode not centered around the SGC or another world. I think Marty was a good character and should definately make a reappearance.
Threads merged

I just merged threads, if something looks different. There were two of them about this episode.

marty did reappear in the episode "Wormhole x-treme."
their was no sign of him in season 6 here's hopigfor season 7.

this was the first Earth bound stargate ep. we well see lots more of those in season 6.

i knew the episode would be different due to the opening.
marty on tape rants about roswell:
Hammond:He goes on for awhile.
FastForwardws Marty is now ranting on lizard men at earth's core.
Hammond:Quite qwhile
it was just don davis facial expressions that made the punchline.


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