4.02: The Other Side


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Sep 7, 2000

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Why couldn't they take the tech, then have the people detroy themselves. I mean that is just wrong. I give this ep a 7 out of 10.
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It did bring up the question of how desperate the SGC seems to be to gain advance tech for their coming (ie all out) war with the Gou'ald. I mean to the point of not looking to closely at the morals of the people they are dealing with until it becomes too obviously to ignore without investigating. What might they do if things got worse...incorporated a "Maybourne Protocol" for tech recovery?

I really enjoyed this episode in a couple of ways. One of those reasons is that it added a little more to the character of Jack O'Neill and I would like to see how they develop it as time goes on. Jack was almost willing to ignore the warnings that kept Daniel going in order to get the technology that the SGC had been striving to get for so long. To finally have someone willing to give it to them, must have been such a wonder for them and then to realize what the consequences would be if they accepted it must be leaving Jack feeling incredibly confused. "Fruit from the poisoned tree." was the thought that went through my head as I watched the episode.
Of course, this was directed by Peter DeLuise and he is one of my favorite directors for SG1. TPTB certainly found a jewel in him. I have enjoyed every episode he has had a hand in.

I really really liked this episode. There was so much conflict between the main characters! It was great to see the tension between Jack and Daniel and know that even after all this time they still profusely disagree with each other on certain matters.
I was on Jack's side for most of the episode. It's true...they needed the technology to protect Earth and they needed it in return for as little as possible. But I could see Daniel's point of view too. So many controversies, so little time ^_^

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I think I was more on Daniel's side during most of the episode. I was with him. I wanted to know what started the war in the first place. I had a feeling from Alar's first reaction to Teal'c that something wasn't quite right although it wasn't until a little later in the episode that I began to suspect what the true motivations were.
Don Davis in the interview he gave to Starlog mentioned that one of the great things about science fiction is that in this genre, people can do things - say things that can't be said in mainstream fiction. Moral issues can be brought out in science fiction and accepted.

One of the things I liked about the episode was that it took Jack and made him more human than he was before. We got to see a man who is really anxious to get the help the Earth needs in its fight with the Goa'uld and how far how sometimes, that need or want, will outway other factors for awhile. Like Jack said in Fire and Water, Daniel is their conscience and he really proved it in this episode.


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What they should have done was taken the technology and then ran. Never to return.

But then that would have raised all sorts of ethical and moral questions. Not that this episode didn't have them anyway.

Would it have been considered basically 'fruit from the poisoned tree'?


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I only got the first 10mg of this episode as an .asf file, what happens in the end? I got up to the part where SG-1 came back to earth and were asking Hammond for heavy water....
They get the heavy water, start bringing it over, it's used to fuel weapons..all goes well (in Jack's eyes), Daniel is VERY concerned, when Alar (wasn't that the aliens leaders name??? can't remember) makes a remark to Jack about Teal'c 'not being like them...'he finally wakes up, uses the weapons against the aliens i.e. helping the enemy to destroy the alien base.
SG-1 goes back through the gate, when they reach Cheyenne Mountain Jack orders to close the iris and you hear the sound of 'someone' smashing at the gate....

I think Jack was being slightly blind at the start and a bit out of character but it was weird sam did not say something earlier.

Strange they would do anything at all to help in a war when they have no idea what is going on at all. But then i suppose all that technology was pretty tempting.

Pretty scary group of people wern't they.

not so sure about closing the iris.. um...
Dam good story but here we go again the big MORALITY issue..

The Brits the Yanks the Russians have been supplying/helping/starting allsorts of bloody wars and conflicts for centurys and cashing in on them too...

I must say that if this had been for real we would have taken every goddam thing we could for what appears to be a small price.

I know its wrong but think about it. Surley they would have sent SG9 (diplomatic team) as well as SG1. Yes he was a despot and yes we were on the wrong side I know all that but it was hardly a case for the UN now was it hehehe...
I think if they had played it out so they won and wiped out the breeders we would have been left with a very sour taste in our mouths lessening the value of our technological gains and teaching a more powerful message :)

anyway, it was a good story.


I thought the other side was a great episode.
I loved the jack and daniel banter in this episode I really added to the story line.
The ending was diffrent and how hard was it for jack to do something like that. We have not seen him react that way before i don't think.

favorate part
" daniel shut up"
Without being silly, however advanced they are they still lost the war (sg-1 being there made almost zero difference either way in the end) so the other side is perhaps more advanced. Admittingly they also probably one because of larger numbers.

Give it a few months, go back, say "any of you those bombers who get an escort?" oh yes, "that was us" want to be allies?

The "breeders" are far more likely to have similair ideals.

Ever really believe they would actually help us with the technology when they discover we are the same as "the breeders" they would just be another enemy. There is almost no chance we could reverse engineer something that advanced either.

In the end we could not win in this situation even putting morality asside. We did the best thing and only real thing. It is different to interfering in wars on this planet for that reason.
Being a member of the breeders....
All joking aside, Wasn't it strange that Alar wasn't thought to be referring to Teal'c symbotic relationship with the Goa'uld larva but to the color of Teal'c skin. I would look at Teal'c and be worried more about the symboite. But then probably Alar didn't know about the symboite...just an external reference to melinin.
well it was the way he said it

"he is different istn't he". No one had told them about the Goa'uld, and they had made no indication that it was that so colour is about all it could have been.

If they were that racist that they were undergoing racial cleansing it is strange they let him in at all, i guess it shows how desperate they were...

horrible people!
Horrible people,yes, but the way the show portrayed them was very good in that on first meeting with them they did not come across as foaming in the mouth racists which is a bit of stereo-type. It was only as the team came to know them better that their racism became apparent.

More like what we might encounter in the real world,I think. I was even surprised once by a WWII vet who was a bit,how shall I say,rude to me apon finding out I was part German (And only apparent in having a Germanic last name,my family having come over most recently with my grandparents as children).
I wouldnt take it to heart mate if it came from a WWII vet. They all lost a lot of friends and family etc during those times so resentment will never leave them. I would though be shocked to hear that kind of attitude from a younger generation.