4.01: Small Victories


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Sep 7, 2000

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Sam's help with their problem should win brownie points with the Asgard towards gaining some tech to help with the Goa'uld problem SGC has.
Laughed when heard the name of their supership was the "O'Neill". Jack was right when he said in another ep. "They like me,what can I say".

It's a pipe dream. The Asgard are too busy with the Replicators for now. Seriously I think any of the cultures that the SGC has run into that would have tech to share would hesitate after being looted by the Tau'ri. Even with all the stuff that Jack and Co. have done for them in the past and the present.

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Cool episode. I loved the "it was your stupid and idea" and "I loved the yellow ones" as someone said in the other small victories thread, great quotes from Thor.
I think Sam's idea was ok but if the replicators had an ounce of brain they would have only sent 2 or the 3 ships after it. Seems pretty strange they didn't but then I guess they never expected it to be blown up but still ...

Otherwise cool ep. One more thing i wonder is if only 1 of the replicators from thor's shop survived. I recon there will probably be a few more running around the sea floor bed somewhere.

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Another country heard from. Glad you finally got to see it.
I think you're correct in everyone making the big assumption that only one of the little buggers survived. Only time will tell.

What I liked about the episode is the way they are painting Major Davis. Unlike his predecessor Samuels, he seems to really enjoy his job and isn't scared by it. He has bonded quite nicely with the other people at the SGC. I liked the idea that he left the final decision to blow up the submarine to Daniel and that he was just as relieved as Daniel when Thor arrived and beamed them up. Notice his hand on Daniel's shoulder at the end. It was a great gesture on his part. He recognized Daniel's anxiety and excitement.


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I agree. Although i have to say that I wonder if Jack and Teal'c acted a little weirdly. If they really wanted to die knowing there was no way out then they could have just shot themselves. Would have saved Daniel 10 years of theraphy probably. Of course couldn't really happen but it does remind me of Mission to mars (that awful awful film) where the SPOILER..........................opens his suit to stop his wife coming after him... see what i am getting at?
OK, my girlfriend managed to botch up my recording of this episode, does anyone (UK, surrey area) have or is willing to send me a copy of this episode? She is in big trouble and has lost all shopping privalages.



I have a copy on video but only 1. What is the best way to copy videos? I have two video players but scart leads seem to be pretty rubish as do the normal areial connectors. Anyway, i will see what i can do about making a copy pour toi.
Much appreciated :)

I don't know the best way but any copy is better than none.


IMHO the script ideas in this episode were generally quite poor. The whole idea of a civilisation being unable to revert to a less sophisticated approach to solve a problem doesn't make sense. Looking for alternative solutions when your preferred method is unavailable occurs in every civilisation at any level of development. There are also perennial scenarios involving low-tech methodology such as survival training. Having technology become obsolete through new advances doesn't obliterate the antiquated knowledge.
Originally posted by Sindri
There are also perennial scenarios involving low-tech methodology such as survival training. Having technology become obsolete through new advances doesn't obliterate the antiquated knowledge.
But surely that's the point. Without overly stereotyping, if you took a dozen typical first world desk-jockeys and a dozen third-world citizens and dumped them deep in the desert or jungle, which, on average would survive best? As we've developed we've forgotten (through not needing) how to do some "simple" things...
But my point is both groups should be able to survive. Most people know the basics about wilderness survival and survival training is very common amongst civilians and military personnel even in the age of agribusiness and central heating. We have not lost the ability to do low-tech things simply because it's no longer normally necessary.
If you dropped a bunch of today's soldiers in an enemy controlled jungle without any of their advanced weapons and technology they would adapt and fight the enemy with spears, longbows and primitive traps. Troopers are still trained in spear fighting with bayonets and hand-to-hand when they only expect to engage with assault rifles and grenades. Most senior officers have studied the campaigns of Napoleon and Caesar and understand the underlying thinking despite modern circumstances being different. I find it implausible that a civilisation could neither revert to a way of thinking it has already proved itself capable of nor at least look back through its history books.
Oddly enough, I'd say the better educated have more chance of knowing: whereas the less-so tend to rely on their gadgets. Difficult to say how that would adapt. BUT, I can quite see how e.g. ballistic weapons that haven't been needed for hundreds or thousands of years are now out of the scope of Asgard creativity. Certainly in the UK there are a slew of programmes trying to discover how various medieval and Roman technologies were constructed and using some of the finest engineering and historical minds - and they are having real problems. If we added another 5000-25000 years, how would we do then?
I was thinking about the "only one Replicator survived" thing the other day. I thought it would be cool if they found a Replicator city under the sea, but it wouldn't be very logical, since they wouldn't have enough time or reasources to build one. Maybe several DID survive, but only the one managed to get somewhere. Perhaps a current or the turbine from ther sub caused it to get "sucked" into the sub. Thus they can't actually swim, it was a fluke that that one got inot the sub, all the others were trapped at the bottom of the ocean and eventually ran out of power and "died".

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