4.05: Divide And Conquer

one thing i learned from the con...marty was supposed to be back. they even had a script written and everythign, then JR bourne had other commitments and he couldn't tape the show. so.....well i'm not sure when i happens in the end of season 5 but rumor has it that sam is going to deal with marty's death before the end of the year.

and it's going to be a quite emotiona filled hanky moment from what i hear
Well, depending on the mechanism used, they could still reconsider the script (or elements from it) for S6...
yea how come the zatarc threat only exists for "divide and conquer"????? 'cos for the rest of the season its not even mentioned again.

i still stick with sam and jack should get together but then again im cool with them attempting to stay professional,lol.
Hi Sarah, I haven't spoken 2 u since I first joined! I'm a big s/j er and I totally agree! U can still see that there is sumthing between them in every ep!
euh...no actually i can't see it, and that's what i find stupid : they bring something up in one ep, and they barely mention it in the others..
Hey stillzen having not seen the middle of season 4 I can't comment but
Spoiler Gap:

how 'bout Entity? Then in Enemies there was the subtle flirting when they were on Apophis' ship alone. I'm just going 2 completely ignore Ascention coz they were all acting weird towards each other, especially Jack and Sam. However, in The Fifth Man, he flirts withher on the planet when she is explaining the technical stuff and then watch them in the scene where Hammy, Jack and Sam r discussing sumthing and he gets sum technical terms correct! He's happy and she looks so proud of him! Awwwww!

Well, in short, u have 2 look 4 the subtle things rather than the blatantly obv. stuff coz that's what is usually the most important parts of a continuing storyline (especially with relationships) on Stargate!

Ok, well I've finished and I'm not surprised if no1 got 2 the end of this coz most of it is just me getting carried away with myself but that's my 2 cents worth nehow!
whoaaaaaaaa! 2 LOOKS!!!!
that's great!! it definitly means a lot!!
sorry for being sarcastic, but i think you're going a lil' too far there; and you know I sometime look at my friends with pride and it doesnt mean i'm in love with them....(no way in hell)
in divide and conquer, in entity, in window of opportunity, and even in ascension, i agree with you, there are looks and words and things like that..
but ennemies??? in the fifth man??? sorry i must be blind...
yeah, and could you er.. quote the flirting bit (from any ep?) (I'm not being sarcastic!)
well i reckon if ur like me and you really want the whole s/j thing to go on, i reckon u king of see whats not really there. lol. lfor example, i totally agree that she looked proud of him in red sky, but then when i watch the show i look for little things like that, little smiles the actors send each other and kinda in my mind turn them into flirts and stuff, lol.
so i guess what im saying is if your not a sam and jack fan , u probably dont pick up on little things like that.
Hey Sarah (can I call u Sarah?) I do that 2! For example in The one with the unas in it where that girl is going 2 get a hole drilled in her head and that guy Simon is a wuss, she almost has hysterics when Jack says 'or sumthing! ' and then when they get disarmed she wakes up and immediately turns 2 him. And if there isn't nething particularly shippy in the ep, I go over it again and again until I find sumthing. I no, I'm sad! Oh well, I don't care S/J 4 eva!
If I have not alreayd said this somewhere, the whole S/J thing is probably descended from "Solitudes" in series 1, where they almost died after being together alone and in desperation for a couple of days. That is BOUND to pull any two people together.

yeh of course you can call me sarah!!!

well you were talking about the second unas ep.

and i kinda don't get to see it till tonight (in 1 1/2 hrs, 5.23 minutes time) lol. but i will look out for the waking up thing.

like i was watching "serpents venom" i think thats the one anyway, but umm like i try and look for sam and jack things, eg, when jack pulls sam out from under the mine, etc, lol, and i was watching the ep. as the same time as my aunty and she noticed nothin' sam and jack!!

so yea, i kinda do what u do and look for sam and jack!! lol!
me made a booboo!!

lol, im reading over what you were saying about the unas ep. and you were reffering to the first one, lol.

i didnt even notice!!

but yea she does kinda look straight at him dont she??

lol, ok see ya laterz...sarah
This is one of the worst episodes for several reasons:

1. Anise. Vanessa Angel makes Pamela Anderson (Lee) look like Meryl Streep. Geez, she's bad, also, she looks like a hooker. And before all the menfolk accuse me of being jealous, let's do a gender reversal. Imaging if the character had been played by some brain-dead beachbum type who looked like a Ken doll, wore muscle shirts and skin type pants, with the added bonus of having the camera focus on his crotch every scene. You guys wouldn't exactly appreciate that, would you?

2. The zatarc story line being introduced and then dropped permanently. First the both the SGC and Tok'ra turn out to be riddled with Manchurian Candidate type assassins, but this technology is never used or mentioned again. Wouldn't the Goa'uld use it as often as possible?

3. The shipper moment. It felt forced, and was a bad omen.

4. Killing off Marty, darn it, I liked him.
I'm glad I'm not the only one...Anise drives me crazy!

Ya know, I didn't even think about the zatarc thing...you have a very good point! It's not like we figured out how to beat them, or deprogram them not to suicide. You would think they would be mentioned again.

I kinda liked the shipper moment, and I'm not a Sam/Jack cheerleader. But, I thought it odd that this was never dealt with more....it was a rather personal moment. Maybe it's just me, but who would be able to just let that go?

Sorry they killed Marty off on ya. He wasn't ever one of my utmost favorites, but I hated that they killed him.

One thing I wondered...if you were the Tok'ra prime minister, or whatever they called him; wouldn't you have taken it personally that the people you are supposed to be forming an alliance with took pains to use a fake President, and let you walk in free as you please? :D I'd be like, 'wait-a-minute here!!' LOL
Yeah, I hate Anise too. She was awful . And Marty was a real wuss! I didn't like him either. The ep where Jack helps Sam from under the mine was really good. Then they were stuck together in the corner.
Originally posted by lisasg1
Yeah, I hate Anise too. She was awful . And Marty was a real wuss! I didn't like him either. The ep where Jack helps Sam from under the mine was really good. Then they were stuck together in the corner.

Yea anise was annoying,lol,but DONT DISS MARTY!!lol, o and yea beaneth the surface was soo cute!!!:rolly2:
I loved Beneath the Surface, especially when he told her that he remembered having feelings for her. Then it was sad when they started to remember again, and the look on his face when she had to call him sir again!:(

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