4.05: Divide And Conquer


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Sep 7, 2000

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Don't like that fact that they played on the feelings of Jack and Sam so much. That was just a little unnerving. minus some points here. I give it a 6 out of 10.
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This is the ep with the brainwashed members of SGC and Tok'ra programmed as assassins,right?

Yep, possibly (IMHO) the worst episode of the entire 4 seasons. I think one of the writers has a weird sense of humor because they certainly divided the fan base.

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Major Carter

Not the worst, but I'm really tired of this Sam/Jack shipper stuff they indulge in!!
That will ruin the entire season four if they keep on doing it...

Alright! Anyone with a snake in their head, raise their hands!
A sad episode for the Tok'Ra and myself.......

:) Somebody should tell Anise to wear a top :)
Take that last statement make she looks better in a skin tight top :)
An excellent episode though its a shame about Martouf I liked his character. As for Freya was that outfit borrowed from 7 of 9 HAHA


" You want sarcasm, Nice to meet ya"
When we first met Martouf (The Tokra part 1)I wasnt keen, I didnt trust him at all but over the episodes Ive got to like him. He didnt seem the type to sell out the Tauri.

Shame to see him go :(

Wheres the ever present doomed extra when u need one :) oh at the start, well you cant waste 2 in an episode hehehe


" You want sarcasm, Nice to meet ya"
i guess the one thing that bugged me about this eps is, not only did they put our characters through the wringer, then sam kills marty and next week everything's fine? yeah i know they only have 45 minutes but geez, can we deal with something a bit.
back in season 1 they used to at least wrap thing up a little better. they informed us or at least gave us an idea about the fate of jonus, cassandra, earnest...in fact i think the only one left sorta unresolved was solitudes.
i personally would love it if they make some mention about marty sometime in the future.

then again, if they resolved everything, what would fic writers write about?
I will find it very diffacult to watch this ep in Reruns. Marty was a 'Sweety' and offing him was cruel. Apparently there were many at Gatecon who felt the same way. Find a sarcoughgus (Spelling?) and bring him back. If they can do it with Apophis, they can do it with him!!!
The S/J shippers can overproduce like last time. I am still shook they killed Martouf. But it gave the story a certain power and sadness and reality bite! I agree with skydiver, death may not be permament with a sarchapagous around... or a loyal and outraged fan base. After all RDA said that this show is science fiction and anything can happen.
y oh y

y did they have to kill of Martouf?

Mind you the episode wasn't too flash. Not an episode i really want to see agian :(
Not that I know what "S/J shippers" is, but I feel compelled to add, that the Tok'ra would not use a sarcophagus since they believe it ruins the soul/mind of the person being regenerated.

As for that Anise person... yeah well, what can I say, my first thoughts where... cough, ok perhaps my second thoughts were that they were pulling a Voyager on the viewers :)
(Of course Jerri Ryan can actually act)
Originally posted by snaller
Not that I know what "S/J shippers" is, but I feel compelled to add, that the Tok'ra would not use a sarcophagus since they believe it ruins the soul/mind of the person being regenerated.

I thought the sarcophagus only had narcotic effects if you abused of it. Like when you use it when you're in perfect health. Daniel had used it before Need when he really needed it and there didn't seem to be any side effect ( in the movie or the first time in Need). Ditto for Jack and Sha're. I'd have thought it was like morphin: you can use it for medical purpose... That would have meant that if before Need Daniel had used it 100 times but each time he needed it ( now THAT's Danny whumping), then he wouldn't have gotten addicted.
Or maybe it has a cumulative effect. It doesn't matter why you use it, if you use it a certain number of time it starts changing you... And that would be why the Tok'ra wouldn't use it...

If I were to rate the episode I'd give it a 5 or6 out of 10. If they had cut THE S/J scene, it would have been better IMHO ( there WERE some good scenes).
It's my 2nd least favorite in S4. The first one being Crossroad ( despite Peter Wingfield's presence ).
what could end up being the most promising thing to come from this is the rumor i've heard that the ptb of the show haven't totally dismissed the possibility of marty's evil twin showing up...sometime. now THAT would be good. cuase if you've ever seed jr bourne in other stuff...he plays an EXCELLENT psycho.

and we could angst sam at the same time. :D
Re: y oh y

Originally posted by Corzafa
y did they have to kill of Martouf?

i reckon, he was already paralysed, so why did Sam shoot him again?

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