1.06: Cold Lazarus


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Sep 7, 2000

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A really great Jack episode and one that still chokes me up whenever I watch it. RDA did a magnificent job portraying his double and the pain that he must have went through with Charlie's death and the locking of himself away from everything.
It's always interesting to see them develop a civilization that is not humanoid based, too.

Introducing Sara into the mix was well done. The cigar box showed something of the man as well - a more sympathetic Jack, one who treasures memories and hides them away.


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Gotta agree with ya mything..
Excellent acting and a really good story line.

I shows how Jack still cant come to terms with the death of his son.


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Not exactly the easiest thing to come to terms with although it has not been brought up that much since then has it?
I loved the idea of the alien species, really clever and i wonder why they did not do a bit more investigation and find out what the life was and how it worked. Can't remember if they even gave an element it was based upon or anything. Guess quite hard to make it realistic if they did.

But yeah i really enjoyed this and a really early ep as well.

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This was the first episode i ever watched on a bought video (I bought it because of the Nox)
I think this was an alright episode but hasn't got a lot of action in it but i can live with that....
A favourite quote was when the real Jack yells at the video camera "Get me the HELL out of here"
I also like it when Teal'C is watching the Telly and says "Your world is a strange place" Daniel "Yeah so's yours"
Cold Lazarus

I forget which number episode this one is.
Anyway, although it's not action-packed, this episode will always stay with me for being one of the best and extremely emotional episodes in the entire series. All of the scenes featuring Charlie are very emotional. I draw attention to the scene in the hospital where the shapeshifter changes into Charlie and says:

"You cannot change what happened that day. Just as I cannot change the day the Goa'uld destroyed my world. I am showing you that Charlie is still there inside you.":crying:

Everything in this scene, the music, acting and the kid who plays Charlie are perfect and really help capture the emotion. I'm glad that they have now brought out a compilation of Season 1 music which includes this piece of music.

What does everybody else think?


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I though the kid had chubby cheeks....ya I guess it was touching. It delt with the Charlie/wife situation so that Jack can now move on & Stargate can get back to being Stargate & not like Batman where the first three movies keep repeating, oh my parents were murdered boo hoo....I though it a good ep, however, I am up to season 5 sooo, it's not at the top of my list.
Call me a fussy-wort, but Winter Park is like 100+ miles from Colorado Springs... how did everyone get there/back so easily and quickly - did the entity-O'Neill learn how to drive, and isn't there a closer hospital to Sara's house than 100 miles away???

Though I've just noticed that "Tolland" is only about 10 miles from Winter Park... any inspiration do you think?
This episode was fantastic. I'm not even upset about not having any new season 9 shows until January. It has made me rediscover Stargate SG-1...

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