3.05: Learning Curve


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Sep 7, 2000

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What I liked was that Jack still showed an interest in Cassie and the other kids so much that one of them drew Jack as one of the things that they loved.
It was an interesting way to allow the civilization to keep its beliefs and ways, yet give everyone a happy ending.

I believe that Daniel did err, though. The dig he was referring to that I can't spell right now, isn't where he said it was.


The Woolfden: http://www.woolfden.net

I can say it, I can't spell it right now. The Teutehuacan (as close as I can get) is not where he said it was.

The Woolfden: http://www.woolfden.net

I give it a 5. However I thought it was a good ep for Jack. It once again showed Jack's softspot for children that goes back to the movie.
I like the name Kaylan, this episode was alright and shows another way of life.
Teal'C seems to enjoy that boy's (what was his name?) company

This episode was OK. There has been better but I always like it when they go away from the SGC back to normal life for a while. Gives a bit of variety.
Good point - nice to see how they are able to react outside the confines of their safe little "bunker".
I liked this episode - I like the interaction btwn Jack and Merrin -

Tommin and Teal'c was interesting too -

and this was a case of 'interference' in the development of another culture - however, in the end, it seems to have turned out well -- and the ppl no longer have to 'ignore' the children who have no nanites -- they can 'teach' them ---

Merrin knew what she was doing when she told the SGC she needed to go back - she saw the 'big picture' and it's future implications - she knew that what she had 'learned' would change the ways of the ppl ----

tho, it would be interesting to discover what would have happened if the ppl had not liked the 'old ways' of learning....
We also get more background into Jack - but in a sort of when/where way: how does he know these kids at school? Is it from Charlie's days, but that would be like 3 years ago, which in school timescales is a lifetime.
From what the teacher said, he knows them from Cassie. But I thought seeing Jack intereact was the kids was amazing. I love that aspect of the character, and how RDA plays it. Of course, by the end of that ep, I was flat out bawling like a baby. The crayons are what got me. Hee. Too mnay more episodes like this and I may wind up with a split allegiance between Jack and Daniel. How tragic!

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