4.04: Crossroads


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Sep 7, 2000

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Boring beginning. But once the ep got started, made it much more seating sticking. I give it a 7 out of 10. Apprentice.
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Awww....... all those goa'uld are the same. I see what you lot are talking about in the Season 4 discussions with Goa'ulds controlling the host.. dangerous that they can do that.

and tok'ra quote "i do not apologise for the means".. um strange. The tok'ra are sounding more and more just like an alternative system lord working as a group as opposed to a people with different values. I like it how Jack got annoyed at them, good on him.

Did Daniel actually say anything in this episode? oh, he did to teal'c at the start. That was about it!
The plot was weak it was so obvious the goauld symbiant was plotting to get in the Tokra.

As for Freya well yes nice top :)

I see what mythinglink was on about now...

I look forward to Tealc kicking that geezers ass all the way back to Chulak ;P


"You want sarcasm, pleased to meet ya"
Yeah but only because we knew something had to happen. If you were in their situation you would probably believe it.

So what are they going to do with the goa'uld then? are they pretending not to know to try and get info out of it? it will be fake will it not.. we shall see. I feel sorry for the host.

Top, yeah also see what you are talking about!

that kinda turned my stomach when the goauld "transferred" into the host--- but i have a question, how come jack doesn't have one of those nasty goauld scars?
So what are they going to do with the goa'uld then? are they pretending not to know to try and get info out of it? it will be fake will it not..

I think that was the general idea. I imagine an episode though where they find out that their little plan has backfired on them. I still think it's dangerous for them though. This guy will be able to tell the Goa'uld where the Tok'ra are hiding.

But they move all the time don't they? I think i agree, they will much it up and he will escape. Could well be the end of series cliff hanger centered around the escaped goa'uld (perhaps with lots of info about earth), the tok'ra - earth alliance severly stretched and sg-1 on a mission to try and find this goa'uld (make a change from blowing up a ship/building !).
They do move a lot, but it reminds me of Lotto. You pick a number I'm thinking of and if you do, I'll give you ten bucks. ;) First you have to assume that I'm honest.


How come Teal'c was so *upset* when he found out Drey'auc remarried, but he seemed to have no hesitation in ... (need to word this carefully!) 'getting with' Sho'nauc, when he could go and vist his wife and son whenever he wanted, on the Land of Light? Seems a bit atypical. And mean. I liked Drey'auc. Or the first actress anyway.:rolleyes:
And also, he seemed on the verge of telling SG-1 that he was quitting. But then what was he going to do? Elope?!

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