1.17: Solitudes

parachuting ?!?!

They parachuted ? Uh, Oh, time to go watch my tape again ....... :D
Ah, Phew !!

I thought I woulda remember something like that ............ :D

Yeah I remember Daniel parachuting - hehehe :D :rolly2: :D
Yeah, Daniel can always make me laugh! Teal'c was really funny parachuting too. :rolly2:
That was when Sam said that Jack was charming, too !
yeah - it's been a while since anyone's posted in this thread, and the most recent posts are all season 4 spoilers, but anyway -

i have to say that i agree w/ Mything - this was a character development episode, and that's one of the things that i love in tv - character development - flat characters are boring, so we need some character interaction and some background. Here we got a bunch of info on Jack's past - mostly military related, but it's background - important for understanding a character's motives and such. And we see some stuff about Sam too - ie: she's not so good w/ first aid

however, the one thing that's always bothered me - why didn't she try to dial to another planet to 'test' the DHD and the gate? why did she keep trying Earth?
Thatz what I thought ...............

but then - Itz sam - she knows best :D
nah - it's something that's really been bugging me - why didn't she try to gate to another planet? she assumed that there was a problem with the DHD instead of 'verifying' her assumption by trying to dial another planet --

i know, i know, for the storyline to work, she can't actually 'get' to another planet, b/c that would ruin the 'seismic' activity precedent they set to use later, but i still don't understand why she didn't try to dial to another planet ---
A human side of Sam maybe ?

not the all knowing brain......... can make mistakes .........

I guess itz on the scale of requiring Daniel to unlock the "secret" of the stargate when there are only the limited number of symbols on the gate ... :D
my thing in Daniel's case - of 'unlocking' the stargate - was that the team needed 'fresh' eyes to work on the project - and he was the best qualified --

and i can understand Sam making mistakes - but that just seemed like something that she wouldn't do - it seemed 'out of character' to me -- she's usually 'options woman' - the one who 'thinks outside the box' so to speak --
Maybe the hunger, cold, dispair, anguish, etc, etc, etc got to her ...

<shrugs> just one more blooper for the PTB ..........:rolleyes:
I think Sam was just so stressed about getting Jack home, esp. towards the end that maybe that was the only thing that she was thinking about--HOME. If it weren't for their injuries and the harsh environment putting such an urgency on things she might have considered trying something else. But as time passed and things kept getting worse and hypothermia set in I'm sure her thinking was progressively diminished until it was almost like tunnel vision.
Well that's my opinion anywayz:p
know what I love? sparking discussion! ;)

i really do wanna know why she only tried dialing Earth -

but the explanations everyone's coming up with are making sense --

(playing devil's advocate can really be a fun game! :evil:)

i just don't like plot holes -- they bug me ---
Meh !

then U'd get on real well with wotzhisname in Proving Ground -

<spoiler space? >

poking hole's in Jack's training senerio when they'd just failed it :D
we have a 'spoiler' tag now that you can use instead of space -

type - {spoiler}text here{/spoiler}

but use these brackets [ ] instead --

looks like this:

Major Davis should have been in season 1!!!

and i still don't like plot holes --

but - i did like this episode --- the idea that Daniel solves the problem with kind of 'everyday' common sense type knowledge is nice -- and he references the gate making half the mountain shake -- that was in the movie -- good tie-in ---

and, of course this exchange:

Daniel: <to Teal'c> What happens when you dial your own phone number? Wrong person to ask. <to Hammond> What happens when you dial your own phone number?
Hammond: You get a busy signal.

love that!!!
Yeah I know !!

U've gota love Tealc's facial expressions !! :D:rolly2: :D
oh totally -- LOVE Teal'c's facial expressions! Chris Judge is great!!! and his expression in THAT scene is just too funny! and Daniel realizing mid-way through that 'duh! he wouldn't know' hehehehe ---
I think Daniels sort of sweet, with his arm in a sling and trying so hard to firgure out what happened, lol :p :blush:
what?!?! only one other person liked it for it's shippy moments? of season one I think I've watched this one the most. What bugs me the most is how Daniel keeps wrinkling his forhead. If I had a cut like that on MY forhead I'm sure I'd be in massive pain if I kept wrinkling it!!!
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