4.08: The First Ones

You got it SGP! He would go anywhere for his plots including in other theaters. Of course this was a common practice back then. Authors (or scribes hired by authors) would sit inside the theaters, like the Globe, and try to copy word for word. That is one of the reasons Shakespeare's works have survived to come down to us over 400 years. Christopher Marlowe was considered one of the leading playwrites of his day, not Shakespeare and we find this out from the people who copied (because they were literate in an age where education was really a privledge)
popular plays.

One of my professors at the university declared that "A Winter's Tale" or at least the copy we have survived because it was hacked (very badly because the rhyming couplets are sort of Shakespearian and the imagery and poetry is not up to Shakespeare's best. (I suggested that Willie had an off day and the man Berserked out!) There are still debates of which copies of the plays are originals and which aren't. All fascinating stuff if you are interested.

Any good university library follows these debates.
I loved Shakespeare for the words and emotions protrayed. And read also and seen the plays and movies brought to life...or in some cases brought to death!~ Just a passion, in my old age I watch some TV not much, but I love to read and cultural change evolution as well as evolution was an outgrowth of that. I was simply following my interests. Am not any brighter than anyone else. Just difference in age and emplasis in what I liked. At one time in American history (1800's), Shakespeare's plays were the most popular of cultural entertainment (likeTV today) and my grandmother always loved them and read them and discussed them with me and my twin!
Shakespear only proves a point in my mind....If you're gonna copy someelse's ideas at least do a good job with it.

I like seeing others use old ideas or plots but only if they do it right...Heck, I liked ID4 even if was basically a thinly repackage of HG Well's War of the Worlds. Its fun to watch so I hold no condemnation of their use of a good classic in a new cover.

Yes, I agree, but I like new covers around old classics done well!
Originally posted by jsc
I loved Shakespeare for the words and emotions protrayed.

JSC, I have an excellent little toy on my 'puter which is an auto insult machine (nothing too rude) it also features random Shakespearian insults which are hysterical.
Here's a sample:

Thou saucy eye offending moldwarp.
Thou droning trady-gaiting trotpole.
Thou brazen, horn-mad vassal.
Thou lumpish, base-court flap-dragon.

There's loads of 'em.

I'd be happy to email it to you, if you like (205KB)


PLEASE!!! In iambiac pentameter! With rhyming ending couplets!
It was great to see an episode revolving around Daniel for once. It seemed like the writers were compensating for the lack of Jack by giving Daniel lots of funny lines. I particularly liked

"Tossing the symbiote head, that's always popular."

I also liked

"Anyone with a snake in their head, raise your hand"

and the expression on Jack's face after

"What if I'm not O'Neill?"
"Then I was not just talking to you."

Jack is so cute when he's confused!

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