3.04: Legacy


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Sep 7, 2000

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imported_space monkey

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Apr 19, 2001

I liked this episode alot cos Danny got to be weird. But dont you think he was written off far too easily? I hope no one ever calls me mad cos they aint nice to you are they? He didnt seem to act to weird to me....but anyway *sneaks off before they catch her and lock her up* what's your views peeps?:rolly2: :rolly2: :rolly2:


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May 31, 2001
Must admit, after all the really weird stuff (and it gets weirder!) that SG-1 goes through, it did seem that the diagnosis of madness or a breakdown was a little bit fast.


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Dec 5, 2000
My take on this is, for the way that they reacted to Daniel's condition was that it was generally valid. Yes, they might of 'jumped to conclusions', not about the condition itself (the symptoms were 'textbook schizophrenia') but the cause of it: They thought that because they could find and environmental cuase of it, the stargate, then that *was* the cause. No-one took into account that it might not be entirly natural.
Mackenzie had the medical symptoms, and the 'visual and auditory hallucinations', he made a judgement based on what he had. This begs the question if he, and to an extent Fraiser, are not willing to consider the kinds of weird situations these people get themselves into, then what are they doing working with them in the first place?

The SGC Angel

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May 5, 2002

OK, so having seen it for the first time today, I have a coupla questions...

Sam injected Janet, Jack and Teal'c with her protein marker. So why, in subsequent eps, do the Goa'uld, Jaffa and Tok'ra sense their presense? Nothing's been made mention of it since (to the best of my knowledge) but there are eps like "Demons" which follows, where Sam is the only one who senses the Goa'uld at the end. You could say that the marker doesn't invade their system completely (as say a virus would) but if it's enough to fool those little fishy-type things, then how can it not sense a symbiote?

And on the same note, the amount of 'blood' injected means a little bit of a protein marker. Much less than what the larval Goa'uld pumps into Teal'c's system I'm sure. So why is it fooled? The answer could be that the marker spreads like a virus, but then why isn't my first question answered in later eps?

Daniel tells MacKenzie he's cured. He then asks him to see if Teal'c is sick. What do you do? Do you, a) believe a person who is nuts, and not give them their medication while you play into their fantasy, or b) do what you're supposed to do, drug 'em and sedate 'em?

Why is MacKenzie acting like he's reading off cue cards/having his line piped into an earpiece? He acts like he's a huge fan of the show, and is awestruck to be there. Example in point "Now do exactly as I tell you". Normal people say, "With the dry ice you...." It would also mean the writers have to do a little research. Some technical info would be nice; after all, they plug physics like crazy whenever there's something wrong with the Stargate.

Why didn't they, as soon as Teal'c got sick, go to Daniel and ask "What went into him?" He said that something did, and then he started to act like normal Daniel. I'd be suss, so why wasn't Jack?

Why does it feel like an otherwise brilliant idea for an ep is let down in the specifics? Don't get me wrong, I enjoyed it, but I spent more time asking questions that my TV couldn't answer (and I think it's getting frustrated that I expect it to know things).


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Jul 19, 2002

I'm not afraid to say it. This episode scared the **** out of me! Any scene featuring the zombie goa'uld really freaked me out. Especially when Daniel's in the rubber room with SG-1 and one of the zombies appears behind SG-1 and then Daniel laughs hysterically. That combined with the eerie music and sound effects really sent shivers down my spine. The same goes for when Daniel thinks Jack's being possessed by a symbiote and then Janet thinks Sam has.

However, I loved the bit where Jack succumbs to the virus:

"I feel I must apologise in advance for anything I might say or do that may be construed as offensive as I slowly go NUTS!!!


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Jun 18, 2001
I generally liked this episode, I tryed not to ask all those valid questions you bright people state aboce. I think the best thing that came from this episode are the great sreen captures over in our defaced images thread. i.e. zombie pops it's head in through a wormhole in the closet & says, "boo" or ...I think it is "is my cell phone in here" sorry, you'll have to go check out the thread...;) lots of laughs


Sep 12, 2003
Watched Legacy for the first time last night, and was really impressed by Michael Shanks' acting skills. Iwas frustrated, as I see others were, by how quickly Daniel was written off though. Oh, he's crazy, better lock him up! I was a little bugged by how he got hit with it so slowly and then in the end, it was just about instant for the others. Was it because they had so many in them at once, or what?

I'm also a little annoyed with Dr. McKenzie for just wanting to dope Daniel up. I know there is a lot of action we didn't see, but still, Daniel was locked up in a padded room, not hurting himself or anyone else. No reason to drug him. And Dr. Warner bugged me too. "It's hopeless, it'll take ages" I mean, Janet's on the floor trying to get naked and she knows what to do and this guy is clueless? Bah! SGC needs more competent medical people. And also, shame on Janet for calling McKenzie in the first place. She should have known better.

Anyway, I think this episode suffered from a major case of plot holeitis. :dead:

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