How many are there?


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Sep 7, 2000

I ahve got 5 stargate books and think thay are fantastic but how many are there? The book on the movie is out of print (dammit) and there are 5 that follow it? and then are there actual stargate sg-1 books?

Bill McCay wrote:

Ashley McConnell wrote:

Stargate SG-1 (adaptation)
The Price You Pay
First Amendment

Dean Devlin wrote the movie adaptation.


The Woolfden:
I'm waiting for MGM to make a book about the series Stargate SG-1 and the cast and crew with episode guides, etc. I wonder why they haven't done so to-date?!
One was advertised in England and I pre-ordered it, but it never materialized. I don't know why unless the author couldn't get permission to print it.

I don't really get your post Gamma? I thought that there already are books as Stargate SG-1?
Yes, there are books about Stargate - but only fiction - Stargate stories. I meant there should be a non-fiction book about the tv series with stuff about production, cast, crew with photos and interviews and an in-depth episode guide. You know, like they have for Star Trek and X-Files, etc.
Nice quick post there Sean? Three of them, heh.
Okay I get ya now Gamma, yeah that would be cool I have a similar thing on ‘Animorphs’ (You’ve probably never heard of it but never mind) It would have to be a pretty big book.
Yeah Martouf, I've heard of Animorphs, only saw the show once though. Great concept! As for the book about Stargate SG-1 - I'm willing to write one, if no one else does. Be a great way to meet cast and crew?!
Yay, another Animorph fan!
I use to be heavily into Animmoprhs, but noyt anymore....

Yeah, great way to meet everyone, and it ould be cool if they wrote it themselves and not got pros into it?
Yeah, the Stargate books are hard to find. I found my single one, Ashley McConnel's very good adaption of 'Children of the Gods', in what was basically a Sci-Fi specific shop. 'Animorphs', you guys? I have read them, too many, but gave it up a few years back I also saw the series too, but that just proves the effect of moving perfectly good concepts from on media form into another. It is a good idea, but not fully developed enough for my liking now. Also, there's an impressive SG-1/Animorphs crossover on the Heliopolis fan-fic archive. Can't remember the author, but very good read. So I'm not the only one who thinks SG-1 has gone far enough into its existance to have one of those guides, then? I do think it rather deserves one, however big it might be. Though, it must be said, even if there was one published, I bet the UK would never catch a glimpse of it.
all the stargate books can be got from and

a stargate guide is becoming essential, there is a farscape one after only 1 series so come on MGM you useless merchandising company!
methinks what purposes an SG-1 guide would actually do, by the time they bring it out in australia i would of read all about it on the net :(

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