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Sep 7, 2000

Hi, I realize by some of these posts (some of which are absolutely pointless..!!) that you guys are participating in the contests here. I, on the other hand, am not (and I have no idea why I wanted to tell you, but at least not you know :) ). But I had a question about Ashley McConnell's "The Morpheus Mandate". In "The First Amendment", there was a preview for her next book.. but I heard that she had a contract to only write 3 Stargate SG-1 books, which she's already done. Will "Morpheus Mandate" come out? And if so...WHEN?! Sorry, for the outburst, but man, I am *not* a very patient person at the moment!
(NOTE: I *did* write something along these lines at gaters.net, but I never got a reply from anyone. Could you guys help me out?)

Wish I could, but I can't. I haven't even read The First Amendment yet. Maybe they aren't counting her adaptation of CotGs.

The Woolfden: http://www.woolfden.net

Yeah, I've been lookin in the UK 4 ages 4 it. The first 3 have only just come out, but wasn't one a novelisation? Plis tell me if there was anotha. I've searched bookshops- sum very specialisewd-even the complete list of those in print-but to no avail. The only other books by her (not novelisation/Price/Amend was a Highlander book.

Hi y'all. I work in a bookstore and have been looking for word on any upcoming Stargate books. According to what I heard from the publisher, the next SG-1 book will be called 'Morpheus Factor' and is scheduled for release in the US sometime in February. As soon as I have an exact release date I'll post it. <g> Hope that info helps.
hi there Banshee. thanks for the info and welcome to the site :)
unfortunately, if my memory is accurate, it'll be the last one. the contract has expired or won't be renewed or what ever so mgm is pulling the plug on the novel series.
probably due to poor sales, course the fact that it took me 6 months to find a copy of 1st amendment probably had nothing to do with it.

or...here's a thought. maybe the market for novels isn't as great since there are 1000's of free stories out there.
I don't think that the fan fiction has anything to do with the sales of a book for the series. When she started, she was contracted to write three.

I'm thinking that there wasn't a lot of praise for the books not because people didn't want them, but because they were somewhat lacking. Just my $.02.

that is a nice way to put it but yes...she never did really grasp the characters.
and, at least here, you almost had to order it to find it.
out of all the bookstores, i could only find it at barnes and noble(yeah i know you can order it on the net...but i'm an old fashioned girl who doens't like to do that)
The Morpheus Factor is listed in TV Zone 134 to be published in the UK on Feb 9th.

Pre-ordered the last one from Amazon and got it months before I ever spotted it in the shops. If its any help sky I've never had any problems with them (famous last words!!!)and if the US site doesn't have a title you want try the UK version (Amazon.co.uk) My only problem is I could spend a LOT of cash that way.
The Morpheus Factor - release date is February 6, 2001.




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morpheus factor

is th morpheus factor the same as the morpheus mandate.

if so, i know every word to the preview (in the back of the first amendment), isn't that sad?

if it's tuesday, it must be P4V 837....

and it is the 20th of february, 11 days after the expected release date and my local bookshop has not heard of it.

to get it online though, go to alphabetstreet.com, and search for it, it is there.

still, even if it is the last from ashley mcconnell, there is still the bill macay series!

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