"The Price you Pay"


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Sep 7, 2000

Sg-1 Gates to a planet hoping to make an alliance. They meet the people of M'kwethet. Eeverything seems good, but while visiting, SG-1 relizes that they are on a planet the serves the Goa'uld hosts. They also notice that a DHD isn't on the planet. So now SG-1 is stranded, and they are trying to help a population who doesn't want to get away from the Goa'uld. Carter figures that if they go with this "tribute" to Apophis they could get home from that Gate. Only problem, the Gate on the other side is guarded at all times. Now to know the rest of this book, go read it. hehe. Not going to give it all away.

And there lies my problem with the book - the lack of a DHD. Supposedly this story is set somewhere around the middle of Season 1. In ToT, we learn that they always send a M.A.L.P. through to determine (for one thing) if there is a DHD. ToT is in the last half of season 1.

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I had a problem with the missing DHD, too. The SG-1 I've come to know wouldn't ever step through the gate without making sure the way home was there. It just doesn't click with the rest of the series. Plus, this book as well as The First Amendment both just seem to stop abrubtly at the end. Did anyone else get that feeling?
Hi, I'm new here, but I read the book "the Price You Pay". I thought that it was in general, well, okay, but was a tad unrealistic. Some things the characters said, I just didn't get. Does anyone know if Ashley McConnell has written any other Stargate SG-1 books, or can you recomend any good ones?

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