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Padders... MythinkLink is spot on.
You bought your kit in the UK it is therefor PAL now forget about PAL NTSC SECAM it complicates things ignore it!

You want to play reigon 1 dvd's on a TV based player then you MUST be able to set the player to reigon 1 if you can't then it won't work (The disk will simply eject).

You want to play DVD's on your PC then you look @ the software that came with it to see if it allows reigon changing if not then you go here this site will answer all your questions and point you to further information sources downloads etc

Oh that DVD I ordered from PLAY247 (Supernova) was delivered by a rather soggy postman this morning... Cool :) Has James Spader in it will be intresting to see him in a Sci-Fi movie but not as Daniel.


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Thank you Sime. That last explaination did not cause my head to explode. I also appreciate the site address because my computer came from Gateway and doesnt include a lot of paper documentation with the various software apps. And what did come is either legal documents (padder's StarLawyers must work for Gateway on the side) or kindergarden level manuals ("See Dick and Jane. See Dick put CD in Drive. Jane start program. See Dick scream at computer when error msg appears :) ).

I just got mine from NEC and it did not even have anything about the motherboard layout. When i thought i had screwed up the ram i thought. arr check that and there is nothing at all. Manual is about 150 pages of which about 25 are english and about 10 consist of the warranty information :)
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I just checked out that web site Sime was kind enought to provide.
Ok I think I got the gist of things. My DVD-CD drive will play region 2 but my software is designed to accept only DVD with the region 1 ID. So.......if I bought DVD player software in the UK then my DVD drive will play region 2.

The B*****DS. You cant tell me this is legal what the studios are doing. I have the legal right in this country to purchase from overseas locations (just like shirts and canned food) but they intentionally put a block on my software to show only DVD that have the same code?. That is like sewing the neck closed on italian shirts sold in the US just to protect the profits of the company to sell those same shirts here later and at a higher cost. This is not a case of incompatible technology like VHS and Beta or the difference between US and UK television signal standards this is intentionally putting the equiv of a software virus in my machine and our govts support this (you might as well say the "I love you" bug was a free upgrade).

The irony is that I am wanting to BUY the studios stuff..I am not asking anyone send me pirate copies so the studio is still getting the money.
Every company has the right to make money and therefore continue to be able to supply a product that we want...they just dont have the right to censor a product in order to create profit.

DVD player software for DVD in computer? go to that link sime gave us - there is stuff for free.
If for DVD player for TV do a web search, you may be able to hack the player by typing a code you may need to physically mod the player.

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I am needing it for a PC DVD Player. I have CINEMASTER at this time. I am having problems with downloading the software DVD Genie at the site 7TH Zone (it says I am unauthorized) I have sent a message to them telling them of my problem and hopefully it can be solved.

I got the same thing. I think we need to register. I tried to register but there was some sort of error. When i clicked back all my info was gone and i could not be bothered to fill it in at that time.
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:) strange this is.....

I live in the UK, and I went to buy the stargate movie a few weeks ago, yes it is out of print, you can't get it on VHS at all, but there are plenty of DVDs out there..... Amazon has it, HMV has loads of copies, thats where I got mine from, it comes in a groovy box that shapes like a pyramid

So its dead easy to get you just didnt look hard enough :)
If anyones interested, this movie is on tonight in the UK on BB1. Its on quite late, something like 10.45pm (you'll need to find the exact time cos i'm not sure thats right).



The video can't be out of print in the UK yet as I saw loads of copies in Virgin VHS and DVD about two weeks back. They were in a 3 for 2 offer thingy. Though that might have been stock clearence if they were going out of print. But I have still seen the DVD's around in HMV WHS and MVC.

It's also still avaliable at for £8.99. On VHS, also the directors cut is there somewhere as well. (I know this as I baught it recently for my sister.)

Also that DVD coding is so confusing and annoying. As far as I knew there was Region 1 DVD's that were American and Japanese and Region 2 DVD's that was the UK and New Zealand. Same with the tapes we're PAL, the US is NTSC.

As I can buy a tape in NZ and still play it over here. Though I can't with American tapes. Though my TV has an added feature that alows me to watch NTSC but not record in it of anything. (Though it broke down recently :mad: )

With the DVD's I'm pretty certain you can play a different region DVD if you have the right softwear. I'll be looking into that soon as I like Manga but it's impossilbe to get hold of any decent stuff in the UK. I'll post any info I find. (Not sure on this one.)

Some places are picky on payment but usally if you have a credit card or know someone how does and owes you a favour you can get stuff of thier sites.

Elisa (Hope that helps in some way.)
It was really hard to get a copy of the VHS a little while ago (I speak from first hand experience)

But thre has been a new release and the new DVD as well..

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