Places in Elder Scroll Games - Whats your favourite destination?

I always loved Caldera in Morrowind, it's easy for a noob to start off there and get to know the game. Also liked some of the locations on Bloodmoon. And Mournhold, city of light, city of magic...
I have mixed feelings about locations in Oblivion, I missed the diversity of surroundings like in Morrowind (Remember Tel Fyr? Molag Mar? Ald Ruhn?) but most cities had their own touch. I did HATE the caves in Oblivion. Blah!
Caves? you mean little grey/green holes. They shouldn't have the honor of being called caves.
I still plan on buying Morrowind someday, can't wait to checkout the scenery.
Hopefully once Skyrim comes out we shall all have new favorite places.

Exactly. I think that's the main reason why the "dungeon design team" got upped from 1 to 8 people :p

I was thinking about buying a copy of Morrowind Game of the Year, I saw it in a shop for 5 euro's. When I took the train home I FOUND a copy. Talk about luck.
Rockmilk Cave, noth of Leyawin in Oblivion.

Marauders and bandits fighting each other, couple of bosses, plenty to plunder to build up your money fast. And skills, whether you use combat, magick, or stealth to get through it. :)