New Book - Un Lun Dun

I'll keep an eye on you review.:) I'm patiently waiting for the paperback.
I'm up to around page 80 or so.. it's fantastic stuff. A lot of it should be far fetched, but somehow it works very well, and is brought to life by interesting, strange - yet realistic characters.
I've read it. Could not wait for the paperback so got the hardback. It's good. The characters are strange. There's a lot of darkness and it's pretty harsh in many places but it all comes together very well and works like a charm.

I was wary going in because I love Mieville's books and for some reason everyone is writing young adult material now and not always well. I could not imagine how his style would work for young people. But this is fantastic.
I finished it the other day - and overall I thought it was awesome.

UnLondon is such a strange place that, at first, it takes a little getting used to. We journey through it with a Londoner, which is brilliant, because we discover the oddities and wonders as she does. As the story progresses, the world grows on you, you get used to it, and I found myself eagerly anticipating what I would see next.

I particularly liked Brokkenbroll, the boss of broken umbrellas - I could just picture Mr. Depp playing him in a movie :D
Finally got around to reading this. Unfortunately it wasnt for me. The imagination and invention was still there but I didnt really like the story. The biggest problem was myself not being part of the target audience, it really did seem like a book written for kids. I will stick to his Bas-Lag books in future.
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