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Ard Rhys

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Jul 25, 2006
Anyone know about this? There is an ARC online for it at eBay. Looks to be a good-sized young adult novel with some unusual twists. Anyone read it?

I know nothing about it, but I'm sure several of the others around here do... I'm still discovering Mieville (being, as I've been reminded recently, stuck in the 19th century as I am...)

Anyway, thanks for the information, and a hearty Welcome to the Chronicles!!!

Come on in, the water's fine ... as long as you don't go for the pool in the front (piranhas)....
You're right, I can find little information on this book but it is YA.

The term Un Lun Dun supposedly stands for One London and I gather is a sequel to King Rat. Interestingly enough, Cihna may be doing the illustrations for this one.

Release date is February 2007, so I for one intend to snap it up.
I found out recently about this, but don't know really know anything about it other than its being written.
Well, I got an email from Amazon telling me about this, and I'm amazed I hadn't heard of it before - shows I don't check far enough down these pages, doesn't it;)

To me, it sounds like it will be very similar to Gaiman's "Neverwhere", which is a good sign, Mieville is of equal quality, and while this will undoubtably be darker than the Gaiman book, it should still be good.

It's released on January the 1st - Happy New Year:)
Thanks for the info. Just checked on amazon, the 1st release on New Year's day is going to be a paperback, the HC will be released in Feb and later in April another HC. Very unusual. From

The iron wheel began to spin, slowly at first, then faster and faster. The room grew darker. As the light lessened, so did the sound. Deeba and Zanna stared at each other in wonder. The noise of the cars and vans and motorbikes outside grew tinny... The wheel turned off all the cars and turned off all the lamps. It was turning off London. Zanna and Deeba are two girls leading ordinary lives, until they stumble into the world of UnLondon, an urban Wonderland where all the lost and broken things of London end up... and some of its lost and broken people too. Here discarded umbrellas stalk with spidery menace, carnivorous giraffes roam the streets, and a jungle sprawls beyond the door of an ordinary house. UnLondon is under siege by the sinister Smog and its stink-junkie slaves; it is a city awaiting its hero. Guided by a magic book that can't quite get its facts straight, and pursued by Hemi the half-ghost boy, the girls set out to stop the poisonous cloud before it burns everything in its path. They are joined in their quest by a motley band of UnLondon locals, including Brokkenbroll, boss of the broken umbrellas, Obaday Fing, a couturier whose head is an enormous pincushion, and an empty milk carton called Curdle... and you thought a trip down the rabbit hole was a little out of the ordinary. The world of UnLondon is populated by astonishing frights and delights that will thrill the imagination.
Sounds good. I actually read The Scar first, finding a paperback copy lying around. Promptly got hooked and read the earlier works, and then The Iron Council.
I've always loved good prose, and Miehville delivers.
Did I say in last month's post that the book will be out in Feb.? I must've been doing some time travelling.:rolleyes: Anyway, just curious, has any one read it yet?
I just picked it up, but have to dig up Puppet Masters first and read it for the Heinlein book club that started up in the other forum. I should have it done by early next week, though, and will post my thoughts, assuming I don't get distracted by some shiny object between here and there and forget everything.
I won't be blind buying this because for me it's the entire bludgeoning impact of what happens to his characters that's an essential element of a Mieville novel. Don't see that likely to happen in a children's book.
Minoatur's had sold out on this book before I had a chance to snaffle a copy, so I'll probably have to wait a little longer before getting my hands on it. *SIGH*......
Got this delivered today. I had a free voucher so thought I would risk it.
Not sure if it was a good idea really. I havent read any young adult books since I was a young adult so I'm not sure how satisfying im going to find it. One thing I have noticed which made me have second thoughts (not that its anything to do with the quality of writing) is that it has 500 pages with larger than normal type and 99 chapters. I dont know why but this makes me uneasy.
Still, it didnt cost me anything and its a nice looking book with a few illustrations scattered about in the text. If I dont like it I'll keep hold of it untill my niece is a young adult and give it to her.
I started to read this in April. I got it at a local bookstore. I've never read anything else by the author, but it seemed like something I'd like to read. I may give it a try again at a later date, but I wasn't that impressed. I can't believe I'm going to say this, but it was almost too much imagination. It got in the way of the story. I may think differently if I pick it up again. Sometimes it has to do with the mood I'm in while I'm reading.
Has anyone else finished it?

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