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May 9, 2006
Okay: here's a short version of an Ellison bibliography to help with those interested, or to help those who are familiar with some things and not others to place them in his career. I think I've covered just about everything, but I may have missed something. I've kept it to books, though there have been CDs, comics, screenplays, etc. galore. If I've missed anything that anyone is aware of and thinks might be helpful, please add. Thanks.

Web of the City (1958; orig. published as Rumble)
The Deadly Streets (1958; rev. ed. 1975)
Sex Gang (as by Paul Merchant; 1959)
The Man with Nine Lives/A Touch of Infinity (1960; ACE double)
Children of the Streets (1961; orig. pub. as The Juvies; new ed. 2004)
Gentleman Junkie and Other Stories of the Hung-up Generation (1961) (This was the book that truly launched Ellison's career when it became the only paperback ever reviewed by Dorothy Parker)
Memos from Purgatory (1961)
Spider Kiss (1961; orig. pub. as Rockabilly)
Ellison Wonderland (1962)
Paingod and Other Delusions (1965; rev. 1975)
I Have No Mouth and I Must Scream (1967)
Doomsman (1967; published as part of a Belmont double with Telepower, by Lee Hoffmann)
Dangerous Visions (1967; ed.)
From the Land of Fear (1967)
Nightshade and Damnations: The Finest Stories of Gerald Kersh (1968; ed.)
Love Ain't Nothing But Sex Misspelled (1968; rev., exp. 1976)
The Beast That Shouted Love at the Heart of the World (1969; contains "A Boy and His Dog")
The Glass Teat: Essays of Opinion on the Subject of Television (1970)
Over the Edge (1970; rev. 1996; see below)
Five Fates (1971; collaborative effort with Keith Laumer, Poul Anderson, Frank Herbert and Gordon R. Dickson)
Partners in Wonder: SF Collaborations with 14 Other Wild Talents (1971)
Alone Against Tomorrow: Stories of Alienation in Speculative Fiction (1971)
Again, Dangerous Visions (1972; ed.)
All the Sounds of Fear (British ed. only; 1973)
The Time of the Eye (British ed. only; 1974; these were, as I recall, the British edition of Alone Against Tomorrow)
Approaching Oblivion: Road Signs on the Treadmill Toward Tomorrow (1974)
The Starlost #1: Phoenix Without Ashes (introductory material and original screenplay -- the latter not published here -- by Ellison; novel by Edward Bryant)
Deathbird Stories (1975)
The Other Glass Teat: Further Essays of Opinion on Television (1975)
No Doors, No Windows (1975)
Strange Wine (1978)
The Book of Ellison (1978; ed. A. Porter)
The Illustrated Harlan Ellison (1978; ed. B Preiss)
The Fantasies of Harlan Ellison (1979; reissue of Paingod and I Have No Mouth and I Must Scream, with new introductory material by Ellison and preface by Michael Moorcock)
All the Lies That Are My Life (1980; novelette, pub. sep.; also includes essays by several other writers)
Shatterday (1980)
Stalking the Nightmare (1982)
Sleepless Nights in the Procrustean Bed: Essays (1984; ed. M. Clark)
Medea: Harlan's World (1985; ed.)
An Edge in My Voice (1985)
Demon with a Glass Hand (1986; graphic novel adaptation of his Outer Limits screenplay; with M. Rodgers)
The Essential Ellison: A Thirty-Five-Year Retrospective (1978; rev. 2001)
Night and the Enemy (1987; graphic novel of his Kyben war stories, with K. Steacy)
Angry Candy (1988)
Harlan Ellison's Watching (1989)
Vic and Blood: The Adventures of a Boy and His Dog (1989; graphic novel adaptation; art by Richard Corben)
The Harlan Ellison Hornbook (1990)
Harlan Ellison's Movie (1990)
Run for the Stars (1991)
Dreams with Sharp Teeth (1991)
Mefisto in Onyx (1993)
I, Robot: The Illustrated Screenplay (1994)
Mind Fields (1994; stories written to art by Jacek Yerka)
Jokes Without Punchlines (1995)
THe City on the Edge of Forever (1995/96; original screenplay -- not televised version -- with new introductory material and afterwards by several others)
Harlan Ellison's Dream Corridor: Volume One (1996; graphic novel adaptations of stories; some old, some new)
Edgeworks 1 (1996; reissue, revised, of Over the Edge and With an Edge in My Voice)
Edgeworks 2 (1996; reissue, with new introductory material, of Spider Kiss and Stalking the Nightmare)
Edgeworks 3 (1997; reissue, with new introductory material, of The Harlan Ellison Hornbook and Harlan Ellison's Movie)
Slippage (1997)
Edgeworks 4 (1998; rev. reissue of Love Ain't Nothing but Sex Misspelled and The Beast That Shouted Love at the Heart of the World)
Troublemakers (2001)

There was also, briefly, a "Harland Ellison Discovery Series", publishing books by new and upcoming sf writers, usually with lengthy essays by Ellison; the series included:

Stormtrack, by James Sutherland (1975)
Autumn Angels, by Arthur Byron Cover (1975)
The Light at the End of the Universe, by Terry Carr (1976)
Islands, by Marta Randall (1976)
Involution Ocean, by Bruce Sterling (1978)

and, since it has been noted in the companion thread, there has been a book done on the Last Dangerous Visions controversy, entitled The Book on the Edge of Forever, by Christopher Priest (1994)
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Thanks, j. d. There's quite a bit of stuff on there that I'm familiar with, and a whole lot that I wasn't aware of, as much of a fan as I am.

The thing that really stands out to me as I scan the list is the graphic novel of Demon With a Glass Hand. I'd really like to find that...I remember seeing that Outer Limits episode way back when I was a kid and it was first telecast, and it freaked the living crap out of me.

I just wish my local library system would carry more Ellison.


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One to add the graphic novel 7 Against Chaos a collaboration with Paul Chadwick and Ken Steacy (2013).

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