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Other Recommendations - for the unenlightened


Active Member
Dec 1, 2016
Historical fiction by prominent sf/f authors

The Dragon of the Ishtar Gate - L Sprague de Camp. He wrote this and 4? (maybe 3) other historical fiction novels set in classic asia minor/north africa/greek world. he physically traveled almost everywhere in these books except israel (specifically couldn't due to needing to enter various arab states during trip).

A Soldier in the Mists - Glen Wolfe - set in the 6th century bc, follows a roman merc. who has a head injury causing both retrograde and anterograde amnesia, as well as being able to see gods (and not realise that is unusual). I enjoyed it immensely. has 2 sequels though latro's story may not be finished, period.

Poul Anderson - wrote novels based explicitly on the norse sagas/heimskringla/prose edda/other sources, including Harald Hardrada (the last viking trilogy), Hrolf Kraki (hrolf kraki's saga), eric bloodaxe & family) mother of kings), plus others which edge a bit more into fantasy (war of the gods, etc.). He keeps much of the character and tone, personality types and situational conflicts found in the original norse sources.

(If you enjoy this type thing, you could do worse than to get a book of icelandic sagas.)

Titus Groan

Active Member
Jun 14, 2018
The Secret History by Donna Tartt. One of the best books written in the past decade or so.
The God of Small Things by Arundhati Roy is poetry in prose. Gorgeous stuff.


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Sep 9, 2016
Cumbria UK
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