Is Olver Gaidal Cain?


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Jun 5, 2006
I've got a strong feeling that Ovler is Gaidal Cain...
He is ugly.... he is daring (Birgitte always says that Cain is brave to point
of foolish) .....
He wos born before Birgitte... and time in Telaran'riod goes at a different pace from the real world....
He is spending a lot of time around soldiers... gonna be a good fighta, like Cain wos....
Birgitte is unusually fond of him.... and is already forgetting about the past Gaidal Cain...
Wot do u think?
I had never thougt of that but now that you mention it is seems quite likely.
Olver could be, RJ has made it a point to mention that sometimes Gaidal Cain would meet Brigitte as a younger man. I think there is another that qualifies too, but he is older. Can't remember who at this moment.
I've thought that for a long time. The ages aren't likely to match up as they did in the past as Brigitte returned directly into the world rather than being reborn into it.
I am also pretty damn sure that Noal is Jain Farstrider; since he knows so much about him (on a personal level), and has been on so many adventures and seems regretful whenever he talks about him.
those are some pretty interesting thoughts... although I think they could be right...
I disagree because I do not believe gaidel will be part of the series. Jordan has said that he doesn't intend to finish everything by the end, and he intends to leave room. Gaidel left TAR way after oliver was born. In fact, I can't remember but I think the Shaido already hit the wetlands before he was born.
I don't think he is. I've think we've already met Gaidal. Min spent a lot of time talking to him. He is already a warder he was staying at a Inn the same time as Min and she was friends with him. He carried two swords and was very ugly but had a fartherly friendship with her. I can't remmeber which book its in 5 or 6 I think its after Min left Baerlon
Eek ment to say Oliver was born way before Gaidel was spun out. The other faction that went up was that Gaidel was Mahiro,(Spelling er.?) But I think that died. Truely though, I doubt that we will see him (Unless the horn calls him)
I think it safe to say that he is. Birgitte said herself to Nynaeve that time works different 'it could be ten years in your world and only a few days here' Speaking of the Dream world. Olver is 10 years old, has similar facial characteristics as Gaidal is described and it just seems very likely:) (I'm going with Noal being Farstrider as well;) )
i thought he was but i read on wotmania that in an interview RJ said oliver isnt gaidal Cain because time in TAR cant run backwards and oliver is way to old so he isn't Gaidal Cain just a red herring.
I also remember something that Noel is Jain Farstrider but Ishy frigged up his mind somehow. Do you remember in the first book there was a man found tinker wagons and said that the DO is goning to break free and blind the great serpent ( or something like that ) there are theroies that that man was Jain/Noel and Issy had made him say that to miss direct people or something
:) (I'm going with Noal being Farstrider as well;) )

Noal is cool. Not only does he get to run with Mat, but he has the coolest names. Noal. I wish my parents named me Noal.

Another interesting idea. What if Lan was Gaidal? Can you say love triangle?
Naw, never mind. WOT has enough of those.:D
I'm kinda hoping we never find out. I know RJ has said that he would leave some things open, and that is a good thing. I can't think of a worse way to end a series as long spanning as this one, than to tie up every loose end. There would be absolutly no reason ever to read them again.
why does it matter? The focus is on this last upcoming book and I don't think a 10 year old boy will help rand defeat Shai'Tan [Although many japanese animes tend to think a "child's love" is more powerful than a nuke (Cough*gunparademarch*cough)]
I had a similar thought. I thought Olver might be Gaidal, hard to tell with TAR time differences. I aswell figured Noal was Jain Farstrider. RJ likes to just give you things usually.
I'm kinda hoping we never find out. I know RJ has said that he would leave some things open, and that is a good thing. I can't think of a worse way to end a series as long spanning as this one, than to tie up every loose end. There would be absolutly no reason ever to read them again.

Are you kidding? Even if he ties up every loose end I will still reread it. I have
already read every book in the series at least twice. Some, like the eye of the world I have read 4 or 5 times. I read the entire series every time a new book comes out. I am currently on The Path of Daggers just getting to the newest book The Gathering Storm. Not to say that tieing off every loose end would be a good thing, in fact it's impossible in the amount of book(s) left in the series (only 3 I havent read 2 are not yet finished) unless Sanderson completly miffs up the last 3. Which I don't think he will, on account of his zeal for the series and the insane amount of reference material Jordan wrote in notes alone.
Either way My journy through fantasy fiction started with the Hobbit and I have read those four books numerous times. I don't feel like these characters will ever get old and I will revisit them time after time.
Unless Jordan actually said Oliver is not Gaidal I am almost entirely certan that he is in fact Gaidal. Consider that Moggys ripping Birgette out of the world of dreams was not an accident, that it was actually part of the pattern, then she will be there to protect oliver and can still foster a love for him. And if anyone has learened anything from hobbits it's that even the smallest characters can have a huge effect. If her being ripped was not part of the pattern though this does give basis for one thought. The Dark One IS close to actually breaking free this time, He IS beginning to affect the pattern like never before and this truely could be the last battle. Either way the bore needs to be made hole, not simply sealed and this hasn't happened since even before the age of legends. Which is kind of like saying...all bets are off.

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