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Jan 10, 2006
**************************POSSIBLE SPOILERS AHEAD************************

Hey all

I just finished reading Anansi Boys and realised there's no thread for me to comment on so thought I'd set one up!

I thought it was a very good book, I thoroughly enjoyed it, which is apparent as I only started it last night after Strictly Dance Fever and it was finished in time for me to watch tonight's new episode of The Simpsons!

It wasn't as good as American Gods but of course, it's different and it's most definately Gaiman, some lovely little twists in there. I thought it really easy to read, light with a little splash of dark and, in places, laugh-out-loud funny! The mother-in-law moments and the hangover made me laugh... a lot!

So... Anyone else read this? What did you think?

(Why did that post go up when I wasn't finished yet?)

Anyway, Anansi Boys was a very enjoyable story. This book lacked the heft of American Gods, but I wasn't disappointed by it. The story was very funny, and what I liked about it was that it had some dark comedy mixed with some silliness, almost slapstick type stuff. Very touching at times as well. Americans Gods was about old gods vs. new with humans kind of ending up being manipulated in the process. Anansi Boys was more about gods and humans getting together with and each becoming more than they ever could be separately. I think Gaiman let his inner Douglas Adams play a little bit and came up with a story that is more lighthearted than what I expect from him.
And hey, it has a happy ending.
Just finished reading Anansi Boys - was quite enjoyable.

For some reason I found the writing style a bit strange - only used to his comics, but when I first started reading it I thought the style was very feminine, as if some socialite lady telling the story over evening dinner.

It was a fun read, but a little light reading.
Once I got over the fact that it was not a real sequel to American Gods, I enjoyed it, but also found it light.

The Legends II compilation by Robert Silverburg has a short story written by Gaiman, a nice adventure starring Shadow post-AG.
I had the same problem too with Anansi Boys. The problem came from having read and really loved American Gods and then assuming that this was a sequel because of Anansi, which was pretty unfair on the book.

Once I got past that I really began to enjoy the books. They are really very different and Anansi Boys feels less like as if it's some kind of war between humans and the old gods with all sorts of shadow play going on to manipulate one party or another into doing something.

Anansi Gods had a much greater feeling of camarederie between the two parties and perhaps a recognititon that we need to find a way to live together without all the manipulation. It's a much more light-hearted, almost slapstick concept than American Gods was and both desrve to stand on their own merits.
Hey just wanted to say, i'm a fantasy reader normally, but i went into the 'Older fiction' section in my library .. (Just to impress the librarian) i read the blurb and thought it was really funny. I'm half-way through and i'll read the rest I PROMISE, (I can't read one book at a time) and btw, can someone tell me more about 'American Gods' as i've gathered this is a (Wrong?) and.. is it worth reading? .. As i really love Gaimans work from what i've read.
I thoroughly enjoyed this book (it was my first Gaiman book [bar "Good Omens", if you count that]). The characters were great, the story was intriguing, and I read it in no time at all. Definitely recommended.

Just finished it myself, and really enjoyed it. (The fact I flew through it is testament to that - and possibly that it's not the hardest read in the world). It had a few twists and turns that were really appreciated, and is well written. Unlike some of the others I probably enjoyed it more than American Gods (But that's just me), but still feel that Gaiman's best work is Sandman!
I believe that Anansi Boys was once a selection for the Book Club on this site, so you may wish use the search option under that board if you are looking for some additional thoughts and opinions.

As for me, I enjoyed the book. Like Neverwhere, however, I felt the characterization of the main protagonist was too weak-willed and a bit unconvincing as a real person. I really admired Anansi Boys's wit along with its tongue-in-cheek tone, and it was a great dessert for readers (like me) who loved American Gods.

[To DarkIntentions: Yep, it is a book that Gaiman wrote prior to the one in question. American Gods, among other awards, won both the Hugo and and Nebula the same year.]
Anansi Boys was brilliant. It reads just like he tells stories. Which makes the funny moments even funnier!
While I absolutely loved the book, I have to agree with McMurphy that it has a weak protagonist, just like Neverwhere. And speaking of Neverwhere, try comparing Fat Charlie to Richard. They're near identical! Both break off engagements to pursue these strange fantasy worlds, and both are your average english joe. They seem to be around the same age, and they seem to have around the same opinions about what they're going through. It feels a little unimaginative.

Apart from that, the book is wonderful. It reads like a dream, and it's hilarious. I never knew Gaiman was so funny.
Lmao! This is really strange..
Its like.. been a year!

Anyway!! It didn't take me a year to read it.. I loved Anansi boys and gathered from what people are saying i'm glad i didn't read American Gods first.. seems i have the best to come!
It has to go back to Manchester library tommorow.. but i dont care! It's on my kids card! :cool:

Anyway! I started reading it ages ago but i stopped once i'd read the ..second? chapter... you know the one where.. *Wink winks* and it talks about *Nudge nudge* I was really shocked! T'was funny though.. i'm bringing it to school tommorow so I can have a giggle over it with my mates.

:D I'm sooo mature.
I read Anansi boys shortly after reading American gods, and i liked Anansi Boys alot better. Just because it was more light-read. I mean, my english is still quite crappy, and i am sure there was alot of details in american gods that i missed out on because of that.
Also, there was something about the storyline of Anansi Boys that i really liked. Liked more than American Gods.
I had some real laugh out loud moments with this book
It's the next Gaiman book on my list to read, even more so after what you guys have said in relation to American Gods.

Cheers :)
Just started this book and it is also the very first Gaiman book for me, so far it seems very interesting and quite unlike any other fantasy I have read yet.
Wow.. its funny reading my posts from years ago.
Anyway.. Now i've read

- Anansi Boys
- Neverwhere
- Stardust
-American Gods (Accept the Epilogue)
-Smoke and Mirrors

I love American Gods and need to get round to reading the other stories with Shadow.. I heard there is one in Fragile things? (Which i have - but haven't read) Also.. Good Omens sounds really good. It's my birthday on the 17th June so i'll be getting it then. ^-^
I read Anansi Boys about 6 months ago.
I've recently finished listening to the Audio unabridged version of the book read by Lenny Henry and it was absolutely brilliant. All the Voices done by Lenny Henry were a perfect match for each character.

Anyone else listened to it?
I'm actually reading this (again) with my wife right now. It definitely has a lighter tone than American Gods, but considering the Gods, I think that is fitting. Anansi is a trickster god, so I enjoy the humorous tone. Odin was a god of brooding power and passions, fitting for Shadow's tale.
I wonder if there will be a sequel? Doubtful, because it was wrapped up pretty neatly, but an interesting thought. Do you think Fat Charlie's child will have any of Anansi's power?

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