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Aug 10, 2005
West Sussex
I started this in Scalems poetry thread, mainly as an exercise in rhythm patterns, and it grew too big. In fact, it was demanding to grow a lot bigger. So I'm posting it here, warts and all (I know there's a lot of it that needs work) to see if it's worth seein howbig it would get if given free rein.

On the ridgetop sprearheads shine
Seeking conflict, food and wine
Bring in taxes, feed the town
Grind the opposition down.

Riders of Vinmont, noble and gallant
Over the ridge like a steel crested wave
Glitter of jewels, dragon scale armour
Forward to glory, the colourful brave!

Fields are trampled, peasants fled
Hovels looted, livestock dead,
Pestilence, starvation loom
Symptoms of approaching doom.

Grey stone wall, Vinmont, all foes defying
Within defenses the famine begot.
Storerooms of Vinmont must be replenished
Or horses of Vinmont must end in the pot.
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