Common mistakes in writing

Hi Harebrain,

I see your point. I'd actually quite like to get discussions going on this stuff, but whether that is by way of separate threads is perhaps just for contributors to decide. Ultimately, critiquers are only ever offering opinion and guidance, and until I'm a Booker prize winning novelist who has finally managed to dump Dave Ten Pints (and perhaps not even then), I certainly wouldn't consider myself in any way qualified to tell other people how they should write.

At last, we get to see some of Peter Graham's writing!"

Well, we did, I guess, but (presumably) not your best work.

Erm...ah....erm...yeeeees,, of course not!!


If I may add something to this ageing thread, there's a fantastic book called "Bugs in Writing" by one Lyn Dupre. It totally focusses on non-fiction writing, but contains so many gems, I thought many budding authors here will find it quite interesting. Apart from the business end of the book, the book is also original in the way it was put together (I'm not going to give away any details..)