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X Q mano

May 27, 2003
I admit to not having carefully read ALL of the information about the chronicles of empire... But when, and by whom and where are they going to be released? I am very interested in reading, so... :)
Ah, sincere apologies for not answering this sooner - didn't see it until now.

"Chronicles of Empire" is my big project, that took 8 years to write. It's a groundbreaking work.

But it's also over-written, and not set within a normal commercial framework. It breaks rules.

Getting it published by an unknown author would be a constant struggle. It could take years of constant submission to get it finally accepted - and only if it's in the right place at the right time.

I will also need to edit down the Chronicles of Empire. I accept that. But I want to preserve as much of its integrity as possible.

My solution is to write a fully commerical and successful trilogy first (the "Emperor" novel is the starter).

By becoming a successful author, I earn the right to publish Chronicles of Empire closer according to my original vision.

How do I become a successful author? I will show you. :)

"Emperor" is both the beginning - and the end - of the Chronicles of Empire series. It's entirely cyclical, and quite interlinked.

Chronicles of Empire will be published one day. The questions are when and in what form. I cannot answer either at the moment.

Hope that helps. :)

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