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Aug 21, 2010
I like to save money by shopping used bookstores and keeping an actual list is helpful. Whenever I run across a suggestion or recommendation that I want to read, I put it on the list, as well as books from series or collections that I want but do not own yet. I keep it to one page or less, with a hard copy in my coat pocket or car at all times. Whenever I decide to drop into a bookstore, I can go through my list quickly to see if they have anything I’m looking for. I have two or three shops that I hit once or twice a month, and I usually find at least one or two on my list each stop. I have been doing this around six months and find that most of what I want turns up with a little patience. Now whenever I finish one book, I have a stockpile of good choices on hand for my next read.
The ease of online book buying + my lack of access to book stores (here in rural North Dakota) has brought about the end of this practice; but I remember how, 40 years ago, I used to keep a little list that I could take out when I went to the huge Powell's store in Portland, Oregon.