Poul Anderson

Jay said:
I'm going to assume you are reffering to Poul Anderson, and not Fredrick Pohl - which had my head spinning for a moment :D

Regarding SF, I also really liked his Brainwave, - rather interesting premsie wher ll life starts becoming more intelligent and the study of how this effects differnt individual, and eve nanimals and what nw order evolves from it. This is one of his earlier works, and firmly has Golden Age ideals (which may or may not appeal to you), but I really enjoyed it. I also really like his Future History of the Polesotechnic League (starts withThe Man who Counts). Another book, a much later book by Anderson, Starfarers is somrthing I enjoyed as well - and many Anderson fans don't - but it was such a departure from Anderson works of the past, in size, and really is 'SF' that I think lends itself further into the hard Science Fiction territory than I had seen Anderson go to before, and I just found it an interesting step for someone who had been in the business for as long as he had, and been as prolific as he had.

It's not SF but I realy liked The Merman's Children (aquatic fantasy) and his mystery, Murder in Black Letter.

You are correct. Sorry for the confusion. Hast makes waste and all that. Anyway, I've got Tau Zero in my standby pile and I'm going to look for Starfarers.

The Broken Sword(y)
The High Crusade(y)
Conan The Rebel (y)
The Star Fox is very good, though I strongly disgreed with its politics.
Ginny Heinlein was a fan of his. She was very pleased that his Virginia Graylock character in his 'Operation' stories was based on her.

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