william gibson

  1. B

    New William Gibson

    "Spook Country". Just saw it at the university bookstore. Supposedly set in the same timeline as Pattern Recognition. The cover synopsis sounds interesting, at any rate. I confess I would have liked Pattern Recognition more if I hadn't have read Gibson's previous stuff; seemed to me he...
  2. lin robinson

    William Gibson, greatest of the sci fi writers?

    I have a hard time understanding why Gibson is not more discussed here. I am not even concerned with the whole "cyberpunk" tag that got penned on him: this is one of the really fine North American writers in any genre. The Neuromancer Trilogy and Virtual Light are certainly not short on Big...
  3. stencyl

    All Tomorrow's Parties by William Gibson

    I posted this over at Litspot, too. I hope to post others on both boards. Feel free to comment. :) All Tomorrow’s Parties By William Gibson 277 pp. Putnam. 1999. [hr] All Tomorrow’s Parties, the final novel in Gibson’s Bridge Trilogy, has met with mixed reviews from both Gibson fans...
  4. Brian G Turner

    William Gibson: Neuromancer

    Got to read this over the weekend - seemed to be an iconic book that may cover areas I'd need to research treatment of for my own writing... It was interesting - the style, Bladerunner landscape, and the techno-future vision was generally engaging, but after racing through scenes for the first...
  5. greyhorse

    Gibson, William. "Neuromancer"

    Not that I'm trying to start a crusade for award winning books here, but the next book I'd like to introduce is William Gibson's Hugo, Nebula, and Philip K. Dick award winning novel 'Neuromancer'. This book is widely known for starting the Cyberpunk genre, and for better or worse a slew of...
  6. E

    A question about Neuromancer

    I am trying to answer a trivia question and thought you guys may be able to help out. "What brand of cigars does the Finnn favour in William Gibson's novel Neuromance?" Is it Could Dancers??? Any help would be appreciated, I kinda need an answer within 1.5 hours.
  7. greyhorse

    There needs to be a thread about William Gibson

    People have differing opinions about William Gibson. Some people think he's a visionary, some people didn't see the point of his books, some people say he's sold out. Whatever people's opinions may be, a SF forum needs a dedicated thread about William Gibson. That's basically why I started...