trudi canavan

  1. A

    Trudi Canavan in Lincoln - last couple of days to book!

    Hi Guys, Just a quick reminder that Trudi Canavan will be taking part in Lincoln Book Festival on Thursday, from 7pm at The Courtroom, Lincoln College. You can find more info at Holding or book your tickets at Lincoln Drill Hall Ticketing or from Drill Hall box office on 01522 873894. As...
  2. Renya

    Trudi Canavan Book Signing In Dublin 6th May

    Not sure where to put this thread so just putting it in here!!! Just to let The Irish folks on the board or anyone who is going to be in Dublin on Friday 6th May know that Australian Fantasy Author Trudi Canavan is schedued to do a book signing in Easons on O'Connell Street from 6pm :) Sorry...
  3. F

    Magician's Apprentice by Trudi Canavan

    It was Trudi Canvan that got me into fantasy around 6 years ago. Previously I was more of an action/crime fan – but Trudi Canavan converted me with her ‘Black Magician Trilogy’. The books introduced me to characters that I connected with on levels I had not done so in other books and the story...
  4. Nikitta

    Trudi Canavan

    It seems that she has put an excerpt from her book The Magician's Apprentice up online here Trudi Canavan - The Magician’s Apprentice: Chapter One It looks really good to me and I think I might buy it once it's out in paperback, that is. I just thought that others in here might enjoy it too...
  5. Laerten

    Trudi Canavan new book out February 2009

    Anyone else a fan of the Black Magician Trilogy? Trudi's new book, Magician's Apprentice is out at the start of February. It is a prequel to the Black Magician trilogy and is set in the time when individual magicians took apprentices (hence the title) to teach them magic.
  6. B

    Trudi Canavan

    Has anyone ( surely someone ) read any of Trudi's books ? I am curently reading the black magician trilogoy , starting with the Magicians Guild. Is it worth getting the rest ? does this trilogy cut it or should i try something different ?
  7. nettle

    Trudi Canavan

    What do you think about The Black Magician's Trilogy by Trudi Canavan?
  8. P

    Trudi Canavan - What do you think of her books?

    Hi guys, i want to know your opinion of her books, so far i read 5 of her books, The black magician trilogy, consisting of the following books: - The Magician's Guild - The novice - The Highlord The Age of the Five, this is also a trilogy consisting of the books: - Priestess of the...
  9. rune

    Trudi Canavan

    Some have mentioned that this authors The Black Magician Trilogy is a YA series. I didnt realise this when I first bought the first book, but on hindsight, it does seem to be aimed at the under 17 year olds, but not for very young children :) Anyone read this series? What are your thoughts...
  10. T

    The Black Magician Trilogy by Trudi Canavan

    This trilogy comprises: The Magician's Guild, The Novice and The High Lord... Synopsis: (with some small SPOILERS) The books deal with a teenage girl called Sonea... Sonea is a dwell... From the slum area of a city called Imardin... She lives there with her aunt and uncle, after the death of...
  11. rune

    Trudi Canavan

    Has anyone read her series The Black Magician Trilogy. Or any of the books in this series? :)