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  1. Teresa Edgerton

    Bibliography — Toby Frost

    BIBLIOGRAPHY — TOBY FROST Novels Space Captain Smith (Myrmidon, 2008) Isambard Smith and the God Emperor of Didcot (Myrmidon, 2008) Wrath of the Lemming-men (Myrmidon, 2009) Short Fiction Available for download: "When Slay Bells Ring" (2008) "The Celery and the Ivy" (2009) (To be continued...
  2. Toby Frost

    Space Captain Smith Christmas Story available for download!

    Hello all, Just thought you might like to know that the Space Captain Smith Christmas story for 2009 is out and available to download here (for free, of course): It is an epic, albeit pleasantly short, saga of enraged plants, giant turkeys...
  3. Toby Frost

    Wrath of the Lemming Men - out now!

    Dear all, I am delighted to be able to announce that Wrath of the Lemming Men, the third Space Captain Smith novel, is now available! An epic saga of war, honour and enormous suicidal rodents, Wrath of the Lemming Men tells of the struggle between the brave soldiers of the British Space...
  4. Toby Frost

    Space Captain Smith goes to America!

    Hello all, I'm delighted to be able to say that Space Captain Smith and God Emperor of Didcot will be available through Barnes & Noble in the US! (As well as through too). Space Captain Smith will be out on April 1 (I'm serious!) and God Emperor of Didcot will be out on May 1...
  5. Toby Frost

    When Slay Bells Ring - a free short story!

    I've no idea where this ought to go, but press releases seems right... Well, it's Christmas time in space as well as down here, so I've put a festive short story up on the Space Captain Smith website. Feel free to go and have a look, and if I don't get round to saying it closer to the time...
  6. Toby Frost

    God Emperor of Didcot - now out!

    Well, it's actually been out a few weeks, but being a halfwit I forgot to mention it properly here: the sequel to Space Captain Smith and perhaps the only SF novel set on a planet devoted to the growing of tea... God Emperor of Didcot Tea–a beverage of refreshment, stimulation and, above all...