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    Book Four - A Game of Battleships

    Ladies and gentlemen, boys and girls, the new Space Captain Smith book, A Game of Battleships, is now available to pre-order from Amazon. Interestingly, it appears that it will be released on the 12th of August, which I'm informed is the start of grouse season in Scotland. So if you get...
  2. Toby Frost

    The Fantasy Novel

    Here are some chapters from City of Knives, my fantasy novel. I hope people enjoy them. And, er, that's about it! And now with chapter two! Guilds, murder, conspiracy, fey folk, burglary, magic and amateur bookkeeping...
  3. Toby Frost

    A Round Robin Letter for Christmas

    Well, it's the time of year to ding dong merrily and be nice to orphans, and in recognition of this, here is this year's festive offering. If you've been wondering what Smith and his crew have been doing this year - and even they are not sure - here is a delightful summary, as written...
  4. Toby Frost

    The New Website - and free stuff!

    Hello! Right then, the first of what I hope will be some good announcements over the next few months. I've got a new website! It's for me, rather than Space Captain Smith, and while the Smith website will remain (and grow!) the Toby Frost site is going to have related stuff, including...
  5. Rodders

    Space Captain Smith

    Hello Toby, I appreciate that your Space Captain Smith books were ended quite satisfactorily but I wandered what your plans were with him and his bold and fearless crew.
  6. Toby Frost

    Beorfestival – An Excerpt.

    Hello all! The festive season has rolled around again, and a hearty bearded fellow makes his way through the snow to seek out jolly company. Who could it be? That's right, it's Beowulf! This Christmas' offering features that most festive of themes: Viking versus space monster. After all, what...
  7. Toby Frost

    A short story for Black Library

    In a slight change from the norm, I have a short story out in Issue 13 of Hammer and Bolter, Black Library's online magazine for short fiction. I'm Tom Foster, if you're wondering. It's not Space Captain Smith, but plenty of stuff does explode, so all's well on that front...
  8. Rodders

    Space Captain Smith by Toby Frost

    Apologies if someone has already posted about this. I was browsing through the Big Waterstones in Piccadilly and came across this series. The blurb on the back compares it to the Flashman series (which i've wanted to read for some time, but haven't got round to getting). They look pretty...
  9. Toby Frost

    The Immersion Book of Steampunk - I'm in it!

    This month sees the release of The Immersion Book of Steampunk. And I'm in there! Somehow I sneaked into the prestigious and serious-minded contributors and put in a story about violence and mayhem in His Imperial Majesty's Postal Service, entitled (wait for it) Rogue Mail. It just goes to...
  10. Toby Frost

    Interview with Philip Reeve

    Philip Reeve - he of the Mortal Engines series, author and generally good egg - got in touch and we did an interview. Actually, it's more a general chat about things of a vaguely steampunk nature, and whether Grace Darling and Charles Babbage would make a good crime-fighting team. Anyhow...
  11. Toby Frost

    Space Captain Smith - the audiobook!

    Pay attention crew. I am delighted to announce that Space Captain Smith the audiobook is now available from Iambik audiobooks. Read by Mr Clive Catterall, who sounds like me if I sounded less confused and more impressive, it really is very good indeed. The audiobook is available at...
  12. Toby Frost

    MCM Expo, this weekend (end of May)

    This weekend, assuming I can find the place, I will be at MCM Expo, a comics convention being held at the Excel exhibition hall, in London. I'll be on the steampunk table, and a couple of panels as well, on Saturday and Sunday (the 27th and 28th). If you're around do come and say hello!
  13. thaddeus6th

    New Toby Frost interview (with me)

    That splendid fellow Toby Frost has taken a short break from drinking tea and plotting the downfall of Gertie to do a little Q&A. Mr. Frost discusses what inspired him to create the historical/futuristic universe of Space Captain Smith, offers advice to new authors and reveals that the narrator...
  14. booksforlunch

    Would you recommend Toby Frost's Captain Smith books?

    Hi! I stumbled about Toby Frost's Chronicles of Isambard Smith. Space Captain Smith (Chronicles of Isambard Smith) (9781905802135): Toby Frost: Books And from the description of the first one, it sounds as if it's right up my alley, what with an intergalactic (British) empire, a...
  15. J-WO

    Radio Free Britannia

    I leant a friend of mine SCS. He really liked it (In fact he kept quoting from an entire evening, rather throwing my game of Halo online) and then he made an interesting suggestion- it would make for a great Radio series. I have to agree. Ok, so that isn't much of a thread starter, but for my...
  16. Toby Frost

    The Christmas Story - A Fairytale of New Dorchester

    So, Christmas has rolled round once again, the only time of the year when the words "Charles Dickens" and "good cheer" can realistically be used in the same sentence. As Tiny Tim fills himself with eggnog and Mr Chumblebumble roughly stuffs a goose, everyone gathers round the fire for a garbled...
  17. Toby Frost

    This week only: SCS on Kindle for £2!

    For this week and this week only, Space Captain Smith is £2 on Kindle. Not bad, eh? (In fact it's £1.71, but £2 is catchier).
  18. R

    Just Read Space Captain Smith by Toby Frost

    When I started reading this Sci Fi novel I took a while to get into it. I was expecting a heroic tale of daring do set in a future British Space Empire – a sort of Space 1899 type adventure. And in a way that is what I got. We have a future world where the nations have spread out into space and...
  19. Toby Frost

    Ethervisual Listings - not quite a short story

    Ever wondered what's on TV in 528 years' time? Well, here's the answer: televisual listings for home and the space colonies. Enjoy. Space Captain Smith | Etherscope Times from the BBC Space Service
  20. Toby Frost

    So what goes on here?

    First off, eeee I have my own mini-forum! How good is that? I seem to have sneaked in among proper authors like Heinlein and Asimov (and what's more, I promise to post more regularly than they do). But what else will happen in this palace of glittering delights? Well, this is obviously quite...