tim powers

  1. S

    The Anubis Gates

    Any TP fans who have read this early book? What did you make of it?
  2. J

    The Stress of Her Regard

    I read and rather liked The Stress of Her Regard, by Tim Powers but have read nothing else by him. What of his other works are like that one and/or what of his other works would anyone recommend?
  3. F

    Hide Me Among the Graves

    Looks like Tim Powers has a new book out - has anyone read it yet? I enjoyed his previous novel, Three Days to Never, but not nearly as much as his earlier work like Anubis Gates and The Stress of Her Regard. If anyone's read it or heard anything, let me know. Otherwise, once I get through...
  4. Werthead

    On Stranger Tides by Tim Powers

    The Caribbean, 1718. Jack Chandagnac - Jack Shandy - is sailing to Haiti to reclaim some property when his ship is boarded by pirates. Shandy is recruited onto the pirate crew and becomes aware of a bizarre conspiracy that is unfolding between one of the passengers, Benjamin Hurwood, and the...
  5. Jayaprakash Satyamurthy

    America's Tolkien?

    Powers' later novels, usually set in modern USA, most often California, weaving together espionage/noir tropes with high weirdness and arcane magic, such as Earthquake Weather, Last Call and Declare are accounted among his best; the works I've read from this latest phase of his outshine even The...
  6. Riselka

    Did Disney come calling?

    Seems that the fourth Pirates of the Caribbean movie is going to be titled, Pirates of the Caribbean: On Stranger Tides. Hmmmmmmm. Title for new Pirates of the Carribean film is announced - HitFix.com
  7. Connavar

    The Anubis Gates

    Please tell me there are more than one or two people here who have read this book ? People who liked it ? Who liked other TP books but not this ?
  8. Who's Wee Dug

    Re-issues -Tim powers

    Just found this one special limited issues. Over the course of reviewing Tim Powers's three Fisher King novels (Last Call, Expiration Date, Earthquake Weather), Green Man Review summed things up this way: "There's no way I'm not recommending this trio to anyone who hasn't read it - these books...
  9. D

    On Stranger Tides, by Tim Powers

    John Chandagnac had a simple plan – go to Jamaica, approach his corrupt uncle, and get his inhertence back. Pretty easy, right? But this is a Tim Powers novel – nothing works out the way you plan. A few days away from docking in Jamaica, John finally gets up the nerve to approach Beth Hurwood...
  10. Who's Wee Dug

    Tim Powers book launch

    For anyone who is interested or can make it. BFS/PS Publishing Book Launch 17/4/09, 7.30pm The George, Fleet Street, London (Closest Tube: Temple) The British Fantasy Society is proud to host the launch of the "bibliographical cornucopia" on the work of Tim Powers edited by John Berlyne and...
  11. D

    Three Days To Never

    I just finished this book the other day, and yeah, it was really good, but i don't think it was Powers' best work. Anyone else read it? what did you think? It's got some usual Powers flavors - time travel, paranomal weirdness, strange machines, bad guys who use mystical powers. . .
  12. L

    Tim Powers - Short Fiction

    If you all want to read some short fiction by Tim Powers, look for A Soul in a Bottle, published by Subterranean Press in 2006. It is a shortish story (runs 83 pages of fairly large print), published in hardback with seven lovely full-page illustrations by J. K. Potter. It's a ghost story...
  13. clovis-man


    I see this title mentioned in other threads, but don't seem to find any detailed discussion about it. My apologies if I somehow missed one. I finally finished reading this novel. I did see it mentioned in another thread that one of Powers' characteristics is exhaustive research into the subject...
  14. Connavar

    On Stranger Tides and its Covers

    I have just ordered this book. I was wondering which cover of it do you prefer? I ordered an older edition of the book and more expensive just cause it had an amazing cover.
  15. Connavar

    Drawing of The Dark

    Im reading this book and im enjoying it. The humor,the very interesting main character. The action with all the sword play i like alot too! I adore the historical setting too. Also as the blurb say it was long time since i read a fantasy set so much in a city. After all the books with so...
  16. Sathai

    Last Call

    I'm almost finished with Last Call by Tim Powers. I'm finding the story to be very original for a fantasy book. I like the mix of tarot, gambling, and the twist on the Fisher King.
  17. owl

    Just discovered Tim Powers

    I have only recently discovered Tim Powers when I picked up a copy of Three Days To Never I was captivated, its a real page turner and I love the supernatural aspect put in such a way that it seems so natural. Can someone let me know which other books of his are worth a read?
  18. L

    Another Tim Powers interview

    I just stumbled over an interesting interview with Tim Powers, from September of last year. It is interesting in that it particularly looks at his work from the point of view of his religion - he is a practicing Catholic. Despite that, and depsite the fact that some of his work (Declare, some...
  19. Jayaprakash Satyamurthy

    New Tim Powers novel soon

    Three Days To Never, Tim Powers' new novel, is already up for pre-order at the Subterranean Press website, so that's where you should go if you're waelthy and can't wait. Hopefully, there will be a mass market paperback at some point in the near future. In the meantime, here's a synopsis:
  20. Jayaprakash Satyamurthy

    A new Tim Powers interview

    A new interview An intersting new interview: http://www.strangehorizons.com/2005/20050207/powers-int-a.shtml Powers talks about the difference between themes and agendas in fiction, making magic seem real, the appeal of teaching and his current project.