theodore sturgeon

  1. G

    What Are the Best Theodore Sturgeon Short Stories?

    I personally have only read "Bianca's Hands", "The Professor's Teddy Bear", "The Other Celia", and "The Bones." Which are your favorites of his, and what should I read if I want to read something quintessential to his style?
  2. Al Jackson

    Theodore Sturgeon

    Surprising here not to see Ted Sturgeon's name in the author's 'list'. When I was first in university in 1960 had an English teacher who belittled science fiction. Asked him to read Sturgeon's novel More Than Human. I got a copy for him. He told me he was quite surprised, Sturgeon reminded him...
  3. S

    Theodore Sturgeon Memorial Award finalists announced

    29th May 2010 06:07 PM Elaine Frei Finalists for the Theodore Sturgeon Memorial Award, which recognizes the best science fiction short story of the year, have been announced. The winner will be announced during the Campbell Conference Awards Banquet, which will take place as part of the...
  4. J-Sun

    Heinlein Letter: Sturgeon's Writer's Block

    Letters of Note: The Heinlein Maneuver Pretty amazing.
  5. jojajihisc

    Theodore Sturgeon - Venus Plus X

    I just finished this book today and I'll stop short of calling it the best science fiction novel I have ever read in the event my enthusiasm cools after I've had more time to think about it, but this was a great book. It's the story of a man who wakes up and finds himself in a world he doesn't...
  6. D_Davis

    Theodore Sturgeon - My reviews and stuff

    I've been reading Philip K. Dick for about 15 years, ever since I was in high school. I am a bit sad that, soon, I will have read all of his science fiction novels. This treasure trove of fiction is almost mined completely. And so, it was with great joy that, a few years ago, I happened to...
  7. J

    Theodore Sturgeon Story Help

    Hi, I read a short story by Theodore Sturgeon some years ago and now cannot remember the title. The story was about a woman that served as a (sex facilitator?) on a space ship. She was referred to as piggy. I think she had issues with being unattractive and most people felt she looked like a...
  8. K

    Was this by Theodore Sturgeon?

    Many years ago, in a sci-fi anthology, I read a brilliant short story by, I think, Theodore Sturgeon, but I have since lost the book so I can't quote the title, but it has intrigued me ever since. It went something like this: It is Florence in the 16th century, and banking, more or less as we...
  9. Z

    Sturgeon, Theodore: Killdozer !!!!!!!

    Killdozer !!!!!!! Yesterday i fished reading Killdozer. I just have to ask. Did anyone else find it hard to figure the construction worker jargon? I have never been to a construction site. So I didn't know any of the terms and machines that were talk about. Anyhow, it is a great...