terry brooks

  1. TJR357

    Reading Order?

    I've heard there are so many different ways to read the Shannara series. So far I've read The First King, The Sword of Shannara, and I'm halfway through The Elfstones of Shannara. I guess I'll finish up the series, but then after that what do I read? I have the whole Word and Void trilogy, and...
  2. Great Hunter


    Has anyone read any of the Shannara books or heard of them?
  3. C

    Opinions about the Shannara Series

    Use this thread to voice your opinions about the Shannara series. I'll go first, since I started this forum. In my personal opinion, I don't think the Shannara series is now quite as impressive as it was before. Fantasy is much more common than it was before. I have read the first two books...
  4. Circus Cranium

    Armageddon's Children

    Anyone read it? Is it any good? It's been sitting on my shelf for a while now, but I haven't gotten to it. I'm a bit skeptical he can merge the two worlds, but at the same time, curious to see how he does it.
  5. N3croscope

    Fav Character

    V surprised to see this thread not already posted for T Brooks as it is for most authors. First fantasy novel I read was sword of shannara an even tho it is a copy of LOTR, its better written and the rest of his books are just brilliant. Anyway to the point - would love to hear your fav...
  6. Kitera

    The Heritage of Shannara!

    Have anyone read this series? I began reading it this morning and found that the start is a little slow with the heavily equipped descriptions and the explanations. I got lost a fair bit, but having read his other trilogy “The voyage of Shannara” I understood some of the concepts. So tell me...
  7. D


    :) started to read the the sword of shannara an i´m enjoying it but its very simular to lord of the rings. I`,m from Scotland but noe in spain sorry for th spelling.
  8. Trey Greyjoy

    Return to Shannara

    I read TSOS as young-en and fell in love with the characters and the world. I devoured both Elfstones and Wishsong as they were released. I know I read TSOS at least 3 times, maybe more, and thats a lot considering my age and attention span at the time. **yes** in its essence maybe its a...
  9. P

    Dark Wraith of Shannara

    Nick at Shannara Forums wrote:
  10. P

    Which are you most like?

    Which Shannara descendant are you most like in terms of personality (this includes all of Shea's line)? I think I'm most like Wil Ohmsford - thoughtful and decisive (but then again, most of the main Ohmsfords are like that, aren't they? :rolleyes: )
  11. garreth Jacks

    Shannara Series Is it set in this wourld

    After reading the Sword of Shannara, Elfstones and Wishsong I have come to the conclusion that it is set in the future and also it is set on this world does anybody else agree with me.
  12. rune


    Found this link with the first 4 chapters for this new book :D http://www.terrybrooks.net/index.html#
  13. chump


    In the bibliography on this site it says that Terry has written a novel called Revelation. I have searched for it on the internet but have only found it on one other site and it did not have any information on it. Can anyone tell me what this book is about?
  14. garreth Jacks

    The word and the void

    has any body read this series of books my brother has and said they where ok but they are diffrent from his other books (terry brooks) what do you think of these books
  15. rune

    Bibliography - Terry Brooks

    Here's the published works details I found for Terry Brooks :D If you know of any new releases please do add them to the thread :) Shannara 1. The Sword of Shannara (1977) 2. The Elfstones of Shannara (1982) 3. The Wishsong of Shannara (1985) Terry Brooks Shannara Trilogy Box...
  16. sable cat

    The Magic Kingdom Of Landover

    Has anyone else read this series? Basically the first book starts out with Ben Holiday, a man who is down on his luck and willing to try anything. (I think that his wife and unborn child died in a car accident or something, but I don’t remember for sure) Anyway Ben is flipping though a...
  17. rune

    The Word Series

    Because of the success of Brook's Shannara series readers can overlook other series he has written :D This is a nice trilogy - Running With The Demon Knight of the Word Angel Fire East I actually read this series before reading any of his other books :) Has anyone else read this series...
  18. Brian G Turner

    Shannara: what is it about?

    Curious - what is the Shannara series about? I've heard reference to claims that it borrows something from Lord of the Rings - but can it really be claimed to be derivative?
  19. A

    Shannara Series

    Has anyone read the Shannara series? I thought it was pretty awesome. Although the first 3 books were semi repeats, they are quick and fun to read.
  20. Marianne

    Terry Brooks

    I just had the amazing experience of attending a writer's retreat with Terry Brooks. I had to admit to him the only thing of his I had read was The Magic Kingdom and his book on writing, Sometime the Magic Works. I would like to read some of his other works and wondered where I should...