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  1. Teresa Edgerton

    Halloween Goblin Blog Tour

    I'm going to be doing a grand Halloween blog tour, blogging on topics associated with the spookier aspects of the season, in connection with a promotion for Goblin Moon and Hobgoblin Night later this month. Is anyone interested in having me drop by their blog some time this month, either to...
  2. Teresa Edgerton

    Surprising article about Child of Saturn (my first novel, 1989)

    This is unexpected (and flattering) all these years after the book was published: The Great Classic Fantasy Reread: Child of Saturn by Teresa Edgerton
  3. Gary Compton

    Hobgoblin Night is now published...

    Hobgoblin Night is the original Gnome's Engine and three added stories. It is now available on Amazon as a paperback and ebook. http://www.amazon.co.uk/dp/B0147CMT3C/?tag=brite-21 http://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B0147CMT3C/?tag=brite-21
  4. Teresa Edgerton

    The Queen's Necklace now available on Kindle in UK, too.

    I just received the fully executed agreement for The Queen's Necklace to be available as an ebook outside of North America. I knew that it would only take a few minutes to switch the Kindle edition on in the UK once all the signatures were in place, since it was already there for the US, but I...
  5. Gary Compton

    Goblin Moon Signed, Limited Edition Hardback...

    Back in the nineties when I was slim, good-looking and had blond hair. Goblin Moon was a best-seller. Over 10,000 customers bought the paperback. Well some 20 odd years later there is a hardback. Sadly only 100 of them. They are only available on the Ticketyboo Press website. So reserve your...
  6. Stephen Palmer

    Guest blog

    Automata, mice & lice... a guest blog from Teresa.
  7. LauraJUnderwood

    Hi, Teresa

    I have been gone so long, Chronicles apparently let my forum slide. ;-) Sorry. I just wanted to say hello, and hope you are doing well. Laura J. Underwood
  8. Teresa Edgerton

    The Queen's Necklace -- Sample

    Prologue On a chilly autumn morning in the year 6509, a nondescript hackney coach jolted through the muddy streets of a great northern city and came to a halt in a dismal little square. The door flew open and two women—as discreetly colorless as to their gowns, hats, cloaks, and gloves as they...
  9. Teresa Edgerton

    THE QUEEN'S NECKLACE REPRINT now available!!!

    I mentioned this in my Chronicles blog before, but I didn't want to make a public announcement until I was sure the book was in stock and available: After 13 years, HarperCollins decided it was the perfect time to introduce my book The Queen's Necklace to a new generation of readers. And I...
  10. Teresa Edgerton

    News From Me

    So for those of you who read this sub-forum but who don't venture elsewhere on the site, please take a look at the Press Releases sub-forum for news on a new edition of Goblin Moon and at last a new edition of The Gnome's Engine (which along with the novel will include some new and old short...
  11. S

    Goblin Moon on Kindle

    18th October 2011 10:12 AM Teresa Edgerton Less than a month after its release in trade paperback, GOBLIN MOON is now available in the amazon Kindle format. When the Goblin Moon rises, strange things happen … Coffins float down the river, hobgoblins emerge from their dens, alchemists pore...
  12. S

    Goblin Moon reprint is now available

    30th September 2011 09:08 PM Teresa Edgerton A trade paperback edition of this classic swashbuckling fantasy adventure is now available through the Lulu store and is expected to start appearing at amazon.com and other online outlets in late November. Kindle and other ebook editions are...
  13. Teresa Edgerton

    The fateful post

    This is my 10,000th post. I will not be posting anything for critique, but those who wish to burn incense and sprinkle a little wine on the ground should feel free to do so.
  14. Gary Compton

    Favorite Books...

    I've just been thinking about what your favorite books are. Do you have a top 5 or 10? Be interested, as I'm sure fans of yours would, to hear what they are.:)
  15. Teresa Edgerton

    Goblin Moon Kindle Edition, epub, and .pdf -- Discounted the Entire Month of January 2011

    To start the New Year off, I'm offering a discount on the Kindle edition of GOBLIN MOON, the entire month of January. Jed and his uncle are river scavengers, trolling the Lunn for pieces of wreckage, and dead bodies — a profitable trade. One night on the river they snag an unexpected...
  16. Teresa Edgerton

    My Blog Tour

    Here is the first interview of my November blog tour (a year ago, I didn't even knew that such a thing as a blog tour existed ... but I have to move with the times, don't I... can you believe that I am saying that?) My Bookish Ways Not part of the blog tour, but the first review of GM in...
  17. Teresa Edgerton

    Goblin Moon Available on Kindle -- now

    So after dragging on and dragging on so I thought it would never happen, we uploaded the file last night, and things have moved swiftly ever since. The 24 hours for the US, the 3-5 business days for Europe and the UK ... not so much. When I looked at 4 in the morning, which was about six hours...
  18. Teresa Edgerton

    Facebook ... OK, I gave in.

    Yes, I signed up for Facebook. I've fought it for a long time, but it seems like the best way to keep in touch with family members and old friends I haven't heard from in a long while. And to promote the book, too, of course. But since all of my family and most of my oldest friends...
  19. Teresa Edgerton

    Sample Chapter -- GOBLIN MOON

    CHAPTER 1 In which a Discovery is made. The moon wallowed, pale and bloated, on the horizon. The tide, running abnormally high even for this time of Iune's near approach, had turned; no longer reversing the river's natural flow, it swelled and accelerated the headlong rush of waters down to the...
  20. Teresa Edgerton

    When it seems like things can't get much worse ...

    ... sometimes they do. It looks like we probably will get the reverse mortgage, although I'll believe that when the final papers are signed and approved. Financially, things will probably be worse for a couple of months, and then things should be better than they are now. Not very good, but...