tanith lee

  1. Ian Whates

    A new short story published and a tribute to Tanith Lee

    Delighted that my new short story "Montpellier" is published today in the latest edition of Galaxy's Edge magazine (#19). The story features the distribution of e-drugs and the Saflik, a sinister criminal organisation first seen in my novel Pelquin's Comet. Chuffed to be appearing in the same...
  2. Vince W

    Tanith Lee dies

    Apparently she passed away on Sunday. No details yet.
  3. S

    Tanith Lee interview

    15th May 2012 01:18 AM Teresa Edgerton THE OBJECT OF DESIRE — AN INTERVIEW WITH TANITH LEE In a remarkable career, spanning four decades, Tanith Lee has written stories in practically every genre or subgenre of speculative fiction one could imagine: dark fantasy, children’s fantasy...
  4. Ian Whates

    Solaris Rising 1.5: Mike Resnick, Tanith Lee, Paul di Filippo

    Delighted to announce the imminent arrival of Solaris 1.5, an e-book only mini-anthology intended to bridge the gap between Solaris Rising (2011) and Solaris Rising 2 (2013). The book features nine all-new stories from nine fabulous authors. Full ToC: 1. Introduction 2. Adam Roberts – What...
  5. Teresa Edgerton

    The Object of Desire -- Our interview with Tanith Lee

    THE OBJECT OF DESIRE — AN EXCLUSIVE INTERVIEW WITH TANITH LEE, FOR THE CHRONICLES NETWORK In a remarkable career, spanning four decades, Tanith Lee has written stories in practically every genre or subgenre of speculative fiction one could imagine: dark fantasy, children’s fantasy, gothic...
  6. Ian Whates

    Imaginings: the way ahead for quality short fiction; Tanith Lee, Stephen Baxter etc

    Anthologies and short story collections are not exactly in vogue with the major publishing houses. The result is that many of our finest authors, who have produced an excellent canon of short stories in magazines, anthologies, webzines, etc, have not seen their work gathered and published in a...
  7. Ian Whates

    A Glass of Shadow - Liz Williams & Tanith Lee

    A Glass of Shadow Liz Williams Intro by Tanith Lee NewCon Press' latest title is a fabulous collection from Liz Williams. Liz, who holds degrees in philosophy and artificial intelligence, worked as a teacher in Kazakhstan when that country was in turmoil, has read palms on Brighton pier...
  8. S

    Any fans of Tanith Lee, here?

    I haven't really read beyond the Wolf Tower series. I'd like to read more. Anyone have any recommendations? What books do you like and why?
  9. Ian Whates

    Kelley Armstrong, Tanith Lee... Here there be Vampires!

    Just to give everyone a heads up about a very special book being launched by NewCon Press at World Horror Con this March. The Bitten Word is a collection of all-new vampire stories by some of the best known authors in the genre plus some up-and-coming future stars, with front cover art by John...
  10. Ian Whates

    Subterfuge: Neal Asher, Tanith Lee, Pat Cadigan etc

    Hi, Just to alert people to the launch of the latest (and quite excellent, if I do say so myself! :D) NewCon Press anthology, Subterfuge. The book features a cover by award winning artist Andy Bigwood and fifteen original stories, themed on Subterfuge: A clever device or strategy used to...
  11. Anthony G Williams

    The Birthgrave by Tanith Lee

    'The Birthgrave' was first published in 1975, and I read it not long after. It made such an impact that it joined the select group of books I've read more than once, and now I've read it for the third time, decades later. I had forgotten almost everything except the general outline, so I was...
  12. A

    Tanith Lee

    Is anyone here a Tanith Lee fan? I am a huge fan of her works even though they are super difficult to find here in the states, and I would love to find some people who love her as much as I do so we can discuss her works. You can e-mail me if you would like.
  13. S

    Tanith in Brisbane

    Okay guys, I have no idea how we missed this but we did. Peter Wingfield was in Australia earlier this year, April in fact. Whilst scowering the net for BOBW12 piccys I cam across a whole bunch of photos of his visit to our shores. Check them out...