tad williams

  1. E

    Tad Williams illustrations

    We started some preliminary sketches for Tad Williams "The Burning Man", which was the novella in Legends, edited by Robert Silverberg, enjoy :) I'll be away for about a week, but I will keep you updated with artwork and answer any questions when I come back. g"] g"]
  2. L

    Tad Williams - Otherland.

    Imagine a world maybe 50 to a hundred years from now. Imagine how computer technology would have advanced. In the series of novels by TW the internet is the one main media, entertainment and commercial centre for the world. Its all accessed using virtual reality (VR) The story followers a series...
  3. Gnome


    Has anyone read the "Otherland" series by Tad Williams? I'm just looking for opinions before invest the time. Looks intriguing but I'm not familiar with the author.